Sneak Peak

Heylo Hailo Hellooo...

With the sun shining brightly over (almost) all of us... and some extra hours of daylight in our kitty, I am sure all of you must be having a gala time. 

Well... for us here in North India, the weather conditions, with the temperature reaching 45 C ( =113 F), were not so friendly until the Rain Gods finally came to our rescue! Thanks to the brief showers that brought the soaring temperature under control, we actually got a chance to take our attention away from sweating and overheating.

With the cold breeze and overcast sky outside, only the regular house-hold chores and no extra hours at work, I got my chance to get back to what I simply adore! and you are most welcome to have a look. 

Simply scroll down...

Only Sneak Peaks for now, friends. The details to follow soon. 

Now please don't go back and check the date for the last post! I know I have been away for almost 2 months ( 2 Months!!! ) but I promise this time 'soon' is not gonna be too long **wink**

Meanwhile, share with me about the things you do when the weather is just perfect and even work permits you to leisure around? Yes, I am drawing inspirations here!!

See ya soon!!


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