Fun At Work

If the workplace allows some fun, no Jack can ever be a dull boy! 

My day today would have been just another day - analyzing client requirements, executing test cases, preparing test reports and scratching my head over metrics - had it not been for this absolutely fantastic Quilling workshop. The hour-long session was a welcome breather for all of us present there!

I had seen pictures... I had heard friends doing it but I had no idea how interesting and addictive quilling could be. The intention with which I attended the workshop was to know the basics of this art and I came back with the urge to do more! Thanks to Neha, a colleague and friend,  for taking the initiative to share her skills. Please do pay her a visit at Steps Towards Crafting.

Here are some of the pictures from today's session.

From where it started...

... to a practice final.

The placement of the pieces could have been better but what more do you expect when the people attending the workshop were trading every single strip *wink* and I my watch reminded me of all the pending work. Anyway, I hope to go back to my latest favorite store, I told you all about here, soon and lay my hands on some quilling material and come up with a better result.

For now, this was the Second of Firsts after the First of Firsts we saw here!!


  1. Love what you made! This is something I really look forward to trying one day.

    1. Quilling amazes me all the time. This is just the beginning.. there is so much more to do! Hope you get started soon :)

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