First of Firsts...

After last week's sneak peaks, it's time that I update y'all with some details. Don't expect much, as this is gonna be just one at a time. 

Remember the first picture in the last post? No! Not a problem... what are friends for... here it is!

Last to last week, Hubs and I went out for shopping. My eyes wandered from one corner of the market to another in search of an arts and crafts shop... and I finally managed to find one!! What's more, the store offers a 20% discount on all items, throughout the year :D I picked up a box of acrylic colors, which are also MY FIRST set of acrylics!! 

Other buys included some sheets suitable for the new colors and these....

With all these new and attractive things in the house, the creative itch just got worse. I started off with a very simple project, as I was a little apprehensive with the way acrylics would treat me. To tell you the truth, with water as a medium, I was not very happy with the start but thankfully, the end was not all that bad either!

Color Club

Along with being the first acrylic painting, this is also my first attempt with 'Doodles', hence the post title 'First of Firsts'.

Off to the next...


  1. Oh this is so lovely!! It doesn't look that it's your first attempt.

  2. love the paisely designs wid the colorful background...keep experimenting

  3. Beautiful work Tanya. I am sorry am I missing something? I see you linked up to the POOL noodle party, but this is strictly for pool noodle projects. The foam noodles. I am sorry I have to remove your link.

    1. Not a problem Debbie... I probably skipped that part of the rules!


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