7-Steps to Good Hair Day

Oh! the pleasure of waking up to a Good-Hair day! The comfort of just waking out of the door without having to spend time on straightening or curling your tresses and the joy when only a few strokes of brush mean perfect hair. Who doesn't like it!! But how many of us are fortunate to have it?

I am blessed with pretty decent hair quality. Thanks to my genes! However, over the years, hair care just took the back seat and before I could realize, I was crying over hair-fall. Consequently, I jumped on to all deliberate methods (read shampoos and conditioners and hair packs and oils) to rescue my hair and the result was far from being good- fizz, breakage, dry scalp and the unstoppable hair fall. Nothing seemed to work.


I then decided to resort to the basics. I focused on the little things that I was and was not doing. Minor tweaks to the basic routine, worked for me. No more hues and cries. Sharing with y'all my simple, every-day formula. Hope it helps you to wake up to better hair days too.

1. Wash Intervals: Wash when your hair calls for it. Too much or too little harms the hair more than anything. 2-4 times a week is ideal.
2. Soak'em: The age old remedy of oiling hair (at least once a week) has hurt nobody. Coconut, almond, olive or gooseberry, experiment and take your pick. It's the scalp you need to focus on and not the strands.
3. Comb/Brush Quality: Often overlooked, it is essential that you use a good quality comb that does not cause friction or pull your hair. Add a wide-toothed and a wooden comb to your collection, if you haven't already.
4. Do you need it? There are hundreds of products available in the market, guaranteeing smoother, silkier, healthier, stronger hair but do they all work? Ask yourself if you really need them? I shunned the bottle of conditioner a couple of months back and my hair has only felt better; smoother and softer. Be your judge!
5. Understand'em: Your hair might have a story to tell. Listen to it. Mine get wavy and curly after hair wash and tend to get straighter after 24 hours. In about 48 hours' of time, they are pretty close to being as straight as I would get after using a straightener. I put this tendency of my hair to use, while working on my hairstyle. Need waves, wash; need straight, wait. This also helps me to avoid the hot tools and the damage they cause.
6. De-tangling: Two straight rules here- 1. Avoid de-tangling when your hair is wet. 2. Always work your way from the bottom to the top. Both these prevent breakage.
7. Seal'em: Use cold water for a final rinse, if you use warm water for hair wash. This seals the cuticles and prevents the hair from getting fizzy.
Remember, we are not trying to fight the genes and Rapunzels exist only in fairy tales. We are just minimizing the damage that we unknowingly cause to our hair and in turn, aiming for healthier and better hair.

Cheers to Good Hair Days!


  1. Tanya, I too started taking care of my hair. I have made herbal oil at home and started applying it 3 times a week the previous night I took bath. Then shampoo my hair with baby shampoo. Eat curry leaves - u can see new hair growing from u'r scalp. This is my experience.

    1. Thanks for those tips, dear! Can you also share more about the oil that you use.

  2. These are great tips Tanya... Thanks and I desperately needs them :) my hairs are more wavy , curly and drier after I had straightening done 2 years back.

    1. That's sad! But the good that we can take from here is that wavy and curly are back in style, so you'll be always ready to walk out without having to worry much about your hair :)

      Hope you are using oil for your hair. Another option is yogurt. Two things that are easy to apply & wash and are beneficial for hair.

  3. Interesting tips and comments, Tanya! I am older than you and your friends, here, but I used to have thick, wavy hair that was admired by many. But, at 40 something, everything started to change, and I experienced quite a bit of hair loss. Now post menopause, things seem a little better, but my hair is very dry and has completely lost its curl, which I miss. Sometimes, I don't recognize myself in the mirror.

    Thanks for all your advice. You have beautiful hair!


    1. I like your hair the way they are right now, Poppy. Nice and thick :) Do share some of your old pictures, when you get a chance. Would love to see them.

      BTW, looking at your current pictures, nobody can guess your age and I can bet on that!

  4. You brought the best post to our party! Thank you. Pinned and tweeted. We feel honored that you take the time to stop by our party. I hope to see you on tonight at 7 pm. We love to party with you! Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  5. Thats a lovely post.. :) I sure need some tips..


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