The moment I saw the word for this week's Five Minute Friday, I knew what I was going to write about. The prompt was just perfect for this past weekend, coinciding with Karwachauth. Now, don't look at your calendars. We are way past Friday and I know that this post is late; but believe me, it was on schedule, if the drafts in my head counted. 

Before I hop on to the 5-minute part of the post, a quick word about Karwachauth. Karwachauth is an Indian festival, where the married women fast (no-food, no-fluids! NONE!) from sunrise to moonrise and pray for a long, healthy and happy life for their husbands. Read more here and here.

OK. Time to start the 5 Minute timer.


Thursday night, as I wrapped up the kitchen, I was reminded of Sanket's allergy and it worried me a little. We had no idea what had caused the rashes and it had started to itch. The worried thoughts, like always, started to wander. 

Until a few years back, I did not even know that this guy, I share my everything with today, existed! I had no idea I could love someone so dearly and CARE so profusely. I had never thought that my life would get entwined with some one else's, so beautifully that I'd love to have it this way till eternity. Praying for his well being, before mine is something a younger-me had never imagined. 

I thanked my stars for all the love I get from him, for his caring ways and humble self & for him to fast with me :). I know I have him to lean on to, to be crazy with and to share my dreams with.

And then I thought of all the wonderful couples, who were to celebrate Karwachauth in a day's time, their vows, the affection, the joyous world they create for themselves and the way they take CARE of each other.

May the bond of love only get stronger for all of us!



This post has been written for Five Minute Fridays- the writing flash mob, where bloggers get together to write on a common topic, all in just 5 minutes!
Prompt for today - CARE!


  1. What a wonderful celebration this is, Tanya, of prayer, positivity, and love. You and your hubby are TOO cute!!



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