Celebrating With Cards

Almost September-end and we have had only one post in the month. Blame it on anything but me!! I am super busy these days, more mentally than physically. When at work, I tell myself that I'll give blogging a shot at home and at home, I barely get time. Is there any inhabited place in the Universe with days that have more than 24-hours? And weeks that have more weekends than weekdays?

Between all the hustle-bustle in life was a promise to keep. A promise made to self for dear ones in family! Remember we talked about how I decided to give handmade cards to all family members on their special days? You saw some of the cards here, here, here, here and here.

And now... It's time for the new lot!

August-September saw the birthdays of three family members. Sister-in-law who wears several hats in a day, younger sister working hard to make a mark in all that she does and nephew who is slowly and very steadily learning the ways of life. Three people, three different walks of life. Here's what was presented to them.

For Sister-in-Law

For Sister

For Nephew

Out of all, the one person who loved the card the most was little Aarush, my 3 year old nephew. He lives, dreams and thinks airplanes day-in day-out. To see three planes on his b'day card, he was elated. So much so that he took it to school as well. That's what is true appreciation. **smiles**

I have another bunch of cards ready. Will post the pics soon. Stay tuned!

Mid of the week, it is... too late to ask about the weekend that went by and too early to discuss the plans for the upcoming one. So, I will leave it were we are and sign off by wishing you all a fab week. See you soon!


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