The Hair Affair

As a kid, my hair was never allowed to grow beyond shoulder-length. My Mom believed (or she just said that she did, to make us feel good about the hair cuts) in the theory - 'Cutting your hair makes it grow longer and healthier.' People say it's a myth. Accepted. In that case, the only reason for a head full of hair can be- Heredity or Healthy-Eating-Habits. But wait, we are not getting into this debate! Atleast, not now!

Back to where we left... kid... shoulder-length hair, popularly known as Blunt-Cut, in those days!

The frequent visits to the salon ended as a teenager and in a few years the length of my hair went from a few inches to more than half of my total height. Oh yes, you got it right, I belong to the petite gang! 

Pros of Long Hair : It can actually make somebody fall in love with you. Ask my husband *wink*
Cons of Long Hair : If you don't experiment with your hair, you tend to get bored of it, to the extent that you start thinking of chopping it off. And that is exactly what I did.

The hair cut created a lot of hues and cries.
Disadvantage of a 'sudden' hair-cut : You break quite a few hearts including your Mom's!
Advantage of a 'sudden' hair-cut : You finally get to feel the breeze through your hair without worrying about the tangles.

With the passage of time, though the deterioration of volume continues to be an ongoing process, my hair has regained the length.  This time round, I am experimenting more with hair styles.

Why am I story-telling, here? I just thought of starting a new section on Kreative Korner - 'Hello Hair'. We'll be sharing the Hair Affairs in this little 'korner'. Though, I don't think that I'll ever do a hair-styling vlog or tutorial, I can always share the ones which I used during the learning process and obviously the end-results :)

Hope the new section would be helpful and enjoyable! Welcome to 'Hello Hair'!


  1. I am d one who wud get equally upset if u chop ur hair...i luv ur hair n especially d plat dat u made d other day ..muje bhi sikhana ..n i luv u baby pic wid ur bug tooth

  2. i can totally relate to this post...both my mom n dad made us believe that n i had short hair till my 8th grade,n then my hair went upto my waist in 12th grade n i suddenly chopped it mom didnt talk to me for whole day now i have it katrina`s length...!!uff long comment cudnt resist the resemblance n u have gorgeous hair tanya!!!luking forward to ur tips

  3. I love experimenting with hair styles. I cut them short every 2-3 years and then they grow right back. Can't wait to chop them off again!!! :)

    You have beautiful locks!

    ♡ from ©

  4. OMG! That's beautiful long hair before the chop :-). I was so sad when I had to cut the length of my daughetr's hair as she too had loooooong hair and had problems in swimming.

  5. was happy to find an indian linking up at link dropped by to say hi!!


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