The Cucumber Way

My eyes had been hurting for the last two days coupled with a bad headache. I know that my habit of gluing my eyes on the laptop right from the moment Sanket steps out of the house (that if I don't go off to sleep again) can be the biggest cause. However, I would like to believe that it is not what the reason is because  keeping myself away from the laptop is just not what I can do.

To fight tiredness, I decided to treat my eyes the traditional style... no, not by going off to sleep. I opted for the Cucumber Way!! Trust me, it was such a relief!! The two slices  of cucumber made their way from the eyes to the forehead and very soon, they were everywhere on my face. I felt like the slices were absorbing the heat and fatigue.

Only 5 minutes of the therapy and I felt really fresh... fresh to the extent that I spent the next 2 hours chatting  with my neighbors without any uneasiness... and also to the extent that I decided to share it here... *wink wink*!!

Cucumber cured my headache... may be it's time to kick out Disprin!



Amazed by how quick the Cucumber Therapy worked, I decided to do a little search on the internet. To my surprise, cucumber turned out to be a remedy for a lot of problems. Sharing it here:

  • Cucumbers help fight bad breath.
  • Can be rubbed on shoes for shine instead of shoe polish.
  • The outside of the cucumber can be rubbed on pen and crayon marks on wall to erase them. Moms are you listening?
  • A cucumber in the afternoon not only helps you to keep an unhealthy snack away but it also fights fatigue.
  • Rubbing cucumber slices on spots of cellulite makes it less visible.
  • Reduces eye puffiness and is good for skin.
  • Try rubbing cucumber slices on sun-burnt skin for some relief.
  • Leave behind hangovers and headaches with cucumber.
  • Try rubbing cucumber on the mirror to prevent it from fogging after shower.
  • Put a few slices of cucumber in a tin can and keep it in your garden to keep the pests away.
  • Fix a squeaky hinge by rubbing cucumber over it.
  • Clean your stainless steel sinks and taps using cucumber.

Want to use Cucumber to treat your skin and hair? Read this. I am gonna try some of these, for sure! Especially the one for hair.

How many of the above mentioned Cucumber uses have your already tried? Do you intend to try some?


  1. great list - I may have to try a few of these out - especially for my tired eyes! :)

  2. Anne, you are an inspiration for us! All that you do with a toddler and a newborn is simply amazing!! Glad that this post had something to offer to you. Do take your time off, relax and come back with more of the interesting stuff you do :)

  3. Oh cucumber! This is one of my favorite beauty recipe! I love it when I made it into a face mask, the cooling effect and results are great.

    But I haven't tried it yet on hinge or sinks haha, only for my homemade beauty recipes. But I'll look forward on trying it on hinge and sink one day, thanks for the tips, Tanya!

    Jhem Says Beauty

    1. You are most welcome, Jhem. Glad you found this post helpful.


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