Do These People Exist?

Sanket and I have been high on movies of late. We have been watching movies like crazy. 'A-movie-a-day' is the motto that we have been living upto. The count rising to 3 on the weekends that we choose to stay at home.

The recent trip to the world of cinema that consisted of movies from both Hollywood and Bollywood, and covered a wide genre, introduced me to a bunch of really good people.

Image Source (clock-wise) : 1, 2, 3, 4

Have you ever come across the people whose faces are encircled in the above pictures? No, no! I am not talking about the actors. I am talking about the characters.

Jeet in Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana lost one of his eyes because of his cousin, Omi. Years later, when Omi makes a half-hearted attempt at apologizing, Jeet simply puts the topic aside saying "Leave it. It's OK. You are my brother!!" Leave-it!! Wow!! Now that's a heart of gold. Had I been in Jeet's shoes, I would have made Omi get down on his knees and made him realize what he had done. And this would have just been the beginning.

In Anchorman, Ron Burgundy's career as a hot-shot news-reader comes to an end because of a prank played by his girlfriend and co-worker, Veronica. Ron is reduced to nothing. However, months after that, when he sees Veronica in need, he jumps into a pit of bears to save Veronica's life. Call it 'True Love'! What else could have led him to do that.

Talking about true love, Anushka and Gauri are so cool about the casanova, Ishaan getting Anushka pregnant and then leaving her to be with Gauri in I, Me aur Main. The movie ends in the most idealistic manner but hey! does it really happen that way?

Matt Kowalsky chooses his colleague Dr. Ryan Stone to live over himself in Gravity.

A random stranger hands over a big bundle of notes to the guys in crisis in Fukrey.

In The Secret Like of Walter Mitty, photojournalist Sean O'Connell dedicates the cover of the last edition of the magazine to Walter Mitty, who has been responsible for managing the photo negatives that Sean sends to the magazine office from his on-field photo shoots. Something that in real life would have been taken for granted as one doing his job. Nothing more, nothing less.

All the above characters are inspirational but do they exist in real life?

Have you ever received a fortune from a stranger or a distant-forgotten relative? 
Or secret benefactors exist only in story books?
Have you ever forgiven a life-shattering ill done by someone? 
Or you still hold it in your heart?
Have you been appreciated over-the-board for a routine job? 
Or did you applaud someone for a task that they were just meant to do?
Have you had the pleasure of sharing a piece of earth with such awesome people? 
Or have you been so kind and generous yourself?


  1. An interesting post that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  2. That is why these are movies AND AND AND dont forget this......
    is serial/movie k sabhi patra aur ghatnayein kalpanik hai.. ;)
    i hope u understand now dear..but nice shot i enjoyed reading it :D

    1. Oh haan... 'kalpanik' wala part toh main bhool hi gayi thi ;)


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