Welcoming 2013 with Photo Logs

Is it OK if I wish you all a Very Happy New Year on the very last day of January? That would be too late, right? That is why I thought of doing that sooner... TODAY!


I actually wanted to post my wishes on December 31, 2012, then on January 2, 2013 and then a week later and blah blah blah! My draft is full of New Year posts that never made it to the published list.
Anyway, I can at least ask now 'How did the year start for y'all?'
I had a good one. A professional leap marked a decent beginning. A few biggies at personal front as well. I finally learnt to crochet and gave life to trash (more about it in next post). 

O! Just when I was typing the above sentence, an idea gripped me. With smart phones in our hands on the go, we take pictures of almost everything. The camera memory card has thousands of beautiful snaps. Let's not hide our manual setting SLR efforts. Let us share some or all of them here at the end of the month and then may be ask others to pick the best ? Human mind tends to remember visuals more than verbals. Let us connect through pictures. Know more about each other's interests and observations.

BTW, talking about taking pictures on cell phone, I have a very interesting app to tell about. This app has been on my phone for quite a few months and is such a life saver. Treating dim-light photos, red-eye, crop, effects, rotate, selective editing, image editing - it does it all. SNAPSEED is simply awesome! No more of transferring pictures to laptop, editing and sharing. Everything can be done on the phone. Try it. I am sure, you'll love it. Available for both iOS and Android. Just give yourself sometime... good apps are a little tricky *wink*


Wanna see a sample? Here you go...
The Snapseed magicwand changed this...

To this...

Explore Snapseed and I'll be back with the first photo collection on the last day of the month. Stay tuned!


  1. Happy new year to you too..thanks for asking @ me. I m just being lazy and busy with kiddo :)

    1. I can understand Nayana :)
      Choosing blogging does not mean overlooking other priorities in life. We'll wait till you get back from your 'vacation'. Have fun!


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