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Where did November go?     **Startled**
Where did my last post vanish?    **Even more startled**

Kreative Korner has been in blogland for more than two years and in these two years, Novembers have been no-post-months. I am actually thinking of declaring November as the holiday month. Whatssay!! 
While I know that my extremely busy and exciting schedule made November flash by, I have absolutely no clue why-when-how my last post with all the Instagram Challenge pictures disappeared!! **sigh** 
I can see your wonderful replies under the 'Comments' tab but no post  :(
 Does Blogger start removing your blogposts if you do not publish new ones?
And do all you super smart veteran bloggers know of any way to restore what is lost? 

Since, I at least have all the pictures in my phone and can still see all your replies, I'll stop crying over spilled milk, right now and right here! Yaayyyy!! :) 

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I have an announcement to make..
Kreative Korner is offering a 25% discount on all it's products available on Fine Arts America... yes, ALL!
Just in time for Christmas... right  :)

Offer valid from December 7, 2012 to February 28, 2013

Hurry...Choose from below paintings and more LATEST ones!

Happy Shopping :)

Please note that this discount is on what I give to my friends. FAA charges the full amount for prints and shipping.


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