Instagram Photo Challenge - Day 1

When two consecutive posts include pointers to the same destination, you know something's fishy! The recipe that I shared in my last post Corn Tikki was a Pinterest inspiration and here I am back with another pin. **Yes, I am a crazy pinner!!**

Look what I found!

Source: via Tanya on Pinterest

Mr. ScottySauce has a challenge going on on Instagram for which he has interesting themes for each day of the month. To participate, you simply have to take pictures using Instagram keeping the theme in mind, hash tag '#challengephotooctober' and you are done! I decided to take it up for three reasons:

1. I fell in love with Instagram at first meeting!
2. I am in no mood to be bound by rules and this challenge has almost none!
3. I like the themes and my mind is already working on creative interpretation and representations :)

Here is my entry for the day-


Any guesses.. what this is!

Willing to take up the challenge? Spare and share... spare a few minutes from your tight schedules and share your creativity! I am all set.. are you?


  1. You give me an idea here. :) Hope I can set mine too.


    1. :) So Allen, did you get a chance to take some pictures? Do share with us, if you did.


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