Hence Proved


'Hence Proved' the two words that have the power to take you back to the Algebra classes, where the ultimate goal was to prove that LHS=RHS and scribble 'hence proved' with pride, joy and satisfaction. Underlined for extra effect!

But why the title here is 'Hence proved' has nothing to do with Maths but with the equations I share with life. Everytime I am super excited about something, 'that something' changes it's route.

Latest: my Mom was to come! Tickets were booked two months in advance. I chalked out the plan to greet her with decent preparations. An elated me announced her visit to friends and collegues. The countdown went public on Facebook. The stage was all set to the finest details. I set the alarm for 4:45 AM and tried to contain my excitement so that I could sleep.

I had barely closed my eyes that the phone rang. Dad on the other side. My thoughts- Mom's flight must have departed... but Dad says it's cancelled and it was no joke!


Upset, I laid wide awake for the next couple of hours, rolling from side to side. Nobody had any idea about the re-arrangements, including the airways! All I knew was that there was no longer the need for the 4:45 AM alarm and my excitement was all marred!

Hence proved... Get super Excited about something and watch destiny crush it!! True yesterday and today!

Lesson learned.. Control your emotions.. Don't let destiny know what you are waiting for ;)



  1. Awwwe...incident like this has happened many times with me too. Well said 'Don't let destiny know what you are waiting for' :-)
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  2. Very well said tanya never let destiny know what ur waiting for loved the linee

  3. hi tanya nice to see your blog after a long time...cool itz...

    1. Long time indeed.. and good to have you here, dear :)


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