The Year That Went By!

It's already 11 days into the New Year!! 

The reading on Time’s speedometer is always high. There are no brakes and no deceleration options. Unstoppable! Uncontrollable! Undefeatable! That is the power of Time. You either match Time’s speed or just sit on the sides and watch it run.

For me, year 2011 started off at a calm pace and ended like a hurricane (no harm done, thankfully)! There is no ‘ups and downs’ graph for last year. It was ‘ups’ all along. Just a switch in energy mode towards the end of the year. 

I was almost everywhere. Did all sorts of things in the last three months. Partied with friends, parted with the house that was my home for 1.5 years, came back to my home country to be with family, visited my parents after 3 years, took a long break from cooking (bliss!), waived at my sister as she set off to the new journey and now I am back to a fresh start.

Before we move forward to the NEWs of the New Year, I pause to collect the memories of 2011 and carry them forward to 2012.

·                JANUARY ~~  Came back to snow-covered Michigan after a fun-filled trip to California. Surprised        Sanket on his b’day with home-cooked meal for dinner.
·     FEBRUARY  ~~ Had awesome Arabic food with the ambience that perfectly matched the spirit of Valentine's Day.
·       MARCH  ~~  Celebrated Holi in a never-before style.

·   APRIL  ~~  Enjoyed the spring blooms. Made some changes to the interior of the house – new paintings and furniture.
·   MAY  ~~  Dedication for blogging grew. Went to Virginia for nephew’s Hair-shaving ceremony.
·  JULY   ~~  Visited Chicago with Mother-in-Law. A tiny garden was brought to life in the balcony.

·    JULY   ~~  My in-laws stayed with us for a week – Card games, food, Air Show, shopping, Jet Skiing and 11-month old nephew’s fun activities marked the week.
·   AUGUST   ~~  The ride of a life-time, Rip-Cord @Michigan Adventure. Kreative Korner turned One. Celebrated nephew’s first birthday (in Virginia). 
·    SEPTEMBER  ~~  Awesome New York trip!

·    OCTOBER  ~~  Month of firsts: Sold stuff on Craigslist; Found buyers for my paintings (leaves me happy every time I talk about it); Partied and parted with friends in MI; celebrated Diwali at Gwalior with MIL; My side of the family got together for the first time after our marriage.
·  NOVEMBER   ~~  Visited the city I grew up in - Allahabad. My Birthday. Second Wedding Anniversary (Second! God, really!!). Went to Kuwait to stay with parents for a month (it definitely was the shortest month ever!)
·    DECEMBER  ~~  Was back on the roads of Mumbai with my favorite gang of girls. New Year’s Eve in Hyderabad with my two sweethearts – husband & sister!

2011 was beautiful and I’m hoping for an even more exciting 2012!  Hope you all had a great start to the New Year as well! Wish you a wonderful year ahead filled with lots of love, fun and hours of blogging!

Happy New Year :)

P.S.-  My hops in the last 75 days:   Portage à Chicago à Abu Dhabi à Delhi à Gwalior à Lucknow à Gorakhpur à Kasia à Gorakhpur à Lucknow à Allahabad à Lucknow à Gwalior à Delhi à Sharjah à Kuwait à Mumbai à Hyderabad à Delhi à Gwalior à Delhi


  1. What a great year you had...and I'm sure, just like me, looking forward to a great new year too!

  2. PS: I'm not sure why google didn't show me as a follower...I added myself again! Not sure what happened with that....but I am happy to be #101!!

  3. Thats a lot of things! All the best for 2012 as well. I had a great time going through yore blog.


  4. @Pavani: It sure was :) Hope you had a great 2011 too!

  5. Carmella, I am happy to have you as #101 too :) Thanks for joining in!!

  6. Megha, wish you a fabulous 2012 too! Glad to know that you liked Kreative Korner... hope to see you again :)

  7. You've had a busy, exciting year and hopefully you will enjoy this year even more.


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