A bad end to Aug!!

**Bad end to Aug: Part 1**

Did anyone of you see the deal on Insignia™ - 40" Class / 1080p / 120Hz / LED-LCD HDTV? If you go to the link today the price for it is $699 but if you would have seen it on 30th August, the price was $499. A big, big deal!! We went to the store on 31st evening, all excited to get it home but the storekeeper told us that  the $499 price was a misprint and the actual price was $699!! The deal is still up there on deals of america but with the 'expired' tag on it.

**Bad end to Aug: Part 2**
What to do you do, when you see a white, leather, sectional couch on sale for $399 and you know that it fits into the room really beautifully? YES, you pull out your card, make the payment and drive the couch home.
BUT what do you do, if you see a cut on it? You leave it behind... and that is exactly what we did.

A living room which could have flaunted about a 40" LED and a super cool sectional couch, now sits dull. The search is still on!!


  1. Wish you the very best for september....

  2. OMG...even we are looking for good sectional couch but note white :) please update me with the deals :)

  3. Thanks Sunil... :)
    I need it... more coz I'hv already had a bad start to September by losing my digital camera!!

    @Sonam... sure!! But I guess the deals will be different in this part of the country. We are still on a look out...


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