These Buddha Paintings - Easier to Create than to Click

I had a hit on the blog from Yigo today! Has anyone heard about this place? Well, I had not. Not unless I saw the words 'A visitor from Yigo' on Feedjit's Live Traffic Feeds. Google tells me it's the northernmost village of the United States territory of Guam. 

See that tiny red mark on the map? That's Yigo!

So, I have a reader from a small village that I did not even know existed. Amazing!! This seeds the wish to connect with the readers one-on-one... The wish to know my visitors who were here.... The wish to know who that visitor from Yigo was!


The itch to paint never sleeps.

In the two months that I was in Charlotte before leaving for India, I spent most of the time making the new place home, apart from day-dreaming about the wedding of course  (don't know what I am talking about, you better head HERE). And between all this, I grabbed my paint brushes and came up with these.

Sanket wanted me to shun the multi-color palette for once and come up with something which was more soothing to the eye. This should explain the choice of subject and the earthy color tone.

Even after using Acrylics for more than a couple of years now, I still don't feel related to it. I am better friends with Oils. Probably why I was apprehensive of the end result, when I started off with it using acrylic paints. This apprehension coupled with the fact that I was painting portraits for the first time made me a little nervous. However, I am happy with how these turned out :)

Now that I am done with these, I can say that it was easier to create these paintings than to capture them. I had a tough time trying to click pictures which showed the paintings just as they were. In the ones that were clicked earlier, the colors were nowhere close to the original. Black looked like blue because of light. Yellows got either too dull or too bright. The texture was hardly visible. 

I tried it all...

Tried to capture them in the patio...

On the railing...

On the carpet...

Up close...


And just when I was about to give up on clicking these paintings, I thought I'll give it another try and Hooray! I got it right this time. The colors look perfect and so, here they are being featured after 4 months!


Going back to from where we started this post, please take a few minutes to drop a comment below, with your name, blog URL (if you have one) and the city you are visiting from. To know that you were here, is what I am looking forward to.

P.S.- Heading to grab my seat before the TV set for the USA vs Belgium, Group of 16, FIFA World Cup! Are you ready?


  1. Good effort....good textures and quite some effort in getting the correct picture clicked. I soooo need to paint long did it take you to get this done? I think I am also going to quit the colorful theme now and go for more subtle and meaningful painting....enough abstract!

    1. I don't remember exactly but 2 days on both, I believe. That's the one good thing about acrylics, they dry fast.
      Looks like we'll be swapping places... I intend to do some abstracts now but my only problem with it is- I am never satisfied with it. Always end up adding details to abstracts making it more of a doodle. Let's see how it goes this time, now that I am determined to restrict myself.

  2. Are, I seriously did not read the heading before posting the pic..haha okay so you agree....haha

  3. I meant before posting the comment. Argh...

  4. Nice caption Tanya ! Amazing colours and textures..

    1. Thanks Debabandya! The caption is the truth behind these paintings :D

  5. How did I miss's absolutely beautiful and serene Tanya...great work!!

    1. Thank you so much Nayana :) It's good to see you back in action after so many days :) How have you been!

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