Introducing Ruby

The two things that come to my mind instantly when I am expecting guests, be it family or friends, are- 1) the house should be at it's best to welcome them and 2) what am I gonna serve to tickle their taste buds. Once I have handled these two, the other things just follow suit.

However, hosting guests, here on the blog, relives me of even these two. No cooking. No cleaning. Only fun and talking.

Talking about talking, I should rather stop talking and let our guest do the talking. Over to Ruby... 

Its indeed a pleasure to be guest posting at Kreative Korner today. Would like to thank Tanya for inviting me to author at Kreative Korner. Looking forward to many more wonderful collaborations in future. Tanya is doing a great job at her blog and wishing her all the best !

We share the common thread of painting and that’s how I am here…smiles…

Well writing about yourself is the most difficult task ever and more so with such wonderful readers around. I am a management consultant by profession and a dreamer, artist, avid reader, blogger & foodie when I am not working. I blog at and my FB page is- Ruby's Palette-an Art Page ( Though I paint on variety of subjects, I draw my inspiration mostly from nature & abstracts and add a contemporary twist in them.

My recent muse is the palette knife which helps me when I am in a mood to play with textures. 


I have a thing for Indian Folk art especially Madhubani and Warli. Madhubani, as it satisfies my hunger for the multi-coloured palette and Warli for its simplicity. 

Thank you so much Ruby for being with us here today and sharing your beautiful paintings. 

Ruby runs an Etsy shop, which you can visit by clicking on the link:, show some love by hopping on to her blog!

Pssttt... Let me share a secret.. If you visit Ruby's Palette... You are sure to find a 'loved one' there ;)

Hope y'all are having a good week. I am looking forward to this Friday, more for Lisa-Jo's 5 Minute Fridays, that we talked about here, than anything else!


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