Glimpse of Happiness - 1 of 10

A day in a man's life (when I say 'man' I mean 'human'- man and woman alike - but it's just that the word 'man' fits in the sentence better)! So, a day in a man's life is made up of several emotions. 

We get up hating the alarm clock. The first sip of morning tea is the most blissful thing to happen. We stand in front of the closet puzzled as to what to wear. Grumble on seeing the red light at the signal just when we are running late. Jump with joy on getting the task done that had been stuck for hours or days. Wait eagerly for the office hours to get over. Rush home excited. And when it's time to hit the bed, the entire day flashes before the eyes, bringing back all the action and emotion.

Between all this, there are innumerable events, things and people that make us happy. Not the big ones, you don't get a promotion at work or buy a new-bigger house everyday, we are talking about the little things in life. Things that are just meant to bring a smile to your face and touch your heart, may be only for a few seconds, but that happiness is truly felt. Apparently short but these are the moments that make life so much worthwhile.

I told you guys here that I'd be starting with the #100HappyDays project at IG and I did. 

On Day 3, I posted this image.

Abstract - Not my style and hence, I did not stop here!

Color-related abstract is not my style. Not that I do not want to explore this world but it just happens that I cannot stop myself from adding details. While I was working on the background of one of the paintings, I stopped to have a look to check how it had turned out. 

The colors looked beautiful and complemented each other well. The piece looked complete in itself, inspiring me to work on some more abstracts. The few remaining naked walls of the house are bound to be adorned with abstract art pieces. You ask- 'When?'. I say, 'Soon'! As for this one here, it was completed as planned.

Day 8 was this pic, to commemorate 8 years of knowing this guy! Every day in the last 8 years has been just as much fun as the day we first met. **touchwood**

Day 10 : Chocolate Brownies. Chocolate Cookies. Chocolate Ice-Cream. Chocolate Roll. Chocolate Bars. With all these chocolaty options in the house, happiness is guaranteed to stay indoors :D What a delight it is to have these on hand, when chocolate-craving strikes!

The day I was 'rich'!

Here is where you can find more of the #100HappyDays pictures.

Still very close to the start line and I am not sure if I'll be able to see through the 100 days (have never completed these challenges in the past) but one thing's for sure- the few minutes I dedicate to IG for the #100HappyDays hash-tagging, multiples my happiness :)

Who so ever came up with this, sure knows how to count the blessings in life.

What makes you happy- the people in your life or the food options on the table? Both, none or more?

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  1. Hi Tanya,

    Kudos to you for taking on this project; it certainly motivates one to count their blessings, and be thankful for all the wonderful people, things, etc., in their life. You are a lucky girl to still feel the same way about your significant other. Love, (and chocolate), translate into happiness for many a 'man', I believe, on this planet of ours!

    Looking forward to the rest of your countdown!


    1. Your comments always make me happy Poppy :)

      It's been a month now that I took up the project and I was going through all the pictures that I had uploaded and it felt so good. Glad that I took it up.

      Thanks for your visit here. Appreciate it, always. Love!

  2. I've heard of other people also taking this 100 day challenge and they all love it. It's such a great exercise for us to focus on the positive things in life, whether you are the one taking the challenge, or if you are like me and reading about it from other people on instagram.

    1. It sure is fun. The farther I get from the start line, the better it gets.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Hi Tanya! Thanks for your visit to my blog. Yes, those are 2 arrangements on each side of the center wall basket. I made them several years ago. I am a retird floral designer. On Sat. night I am hosting our dinner group and will be making a fresh arrangement of all green fruits. I will post it next week. Hope you will come back. I like this challenge but doubt I could do 100 days!!!

    1. I have my doubts too. Have never finished such challenges in the past but this one is different. It makes me happy :)

      I'll surely hop over to your blog. See you there!

  4. Those chocolate treats look incredible! It would be dangerous to have ALL of those within reach at once! ;) Returning the visit. Good luck on your 100 days challenge! :)

    1. Thanks, Leslie! And yes, it IS dangerous to have so much of chocolate at hand.... it's hard to resist!
      I popped in some, soon after the photo was taken ;)

  5. Yes I am following your happy days and must say I am inspired my the small things in life which bring happiness everyday but are overshadowed by the not so happy things that we generally talk about.

    1. Very true! When I go back to the pictures posted during the early days of this challenge, I realize that if it would not have been for the challenge, I wouldn't have even remembered these little packets of joy :)


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