Red Velvet-ine

Valentine's - Red - Love... The three go hand in hand for me and it's that time of the year when my love for all-things-red grows by leaps and bounds. You have seen the blog plastered with hearts and roses, you have seen me add a touch of red to my V-Day formal dress to work, you know that I painted a corner of my house with colors of love and that the V-Day cards have to have red. What's more, if the outside is snow-covered, carry some red around your neck ;)

For this year, I am thinking about a Red Velvet Cake!

And why not, I have this excellent recipe from Woodland Bakery Blog. Gretchen there has the best Red Velvet Cake recipe and take my words, it's a no-fail! If I could get it right in the first go, I am sure you'll be just fine too. I blindly followed her instructions for baking ( and got so blind in the process that I missed the Vanilla Extract!) and the cake came out to be perfect.

Next comes the part, where I let go of her lead.

What's a Red Velvet Cake without some Cream-Cheese Frosting! but what happens when you are not a big fan of that extra-sweet, creamy, loaded-with-guilt-and-fat frosting? You limit it's use. Just the way I did. Check out the video for the cake decoration process that does not require an icing cone or fancy cake decoration supplies. 

It's just before midnight for me and I am heading straight to the kitchen to bake my cake. How about you?

Cake or no cake. Red or no red. Don't forget to tell those special people in your life, what they mean to you!

Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. What a sweet post today! And very yummy.. Thanks for sharing your views Tanya :) Life is all about Love & Love is all about Life.. Enjoy every moment :)

  2. A beautiful cake that represents your passion for creativity, expression and challenges!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Tanya! Enjoy your cake; it looks delicious!


  3. Oohhh, that red velvet cake looks yummy!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. Now doesn't that look yummy!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  5. Oh so yummy Tanya.. I am sure your loved ones had lovely time devouring it.


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