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As she stood there, watching her beautiful daughter take the marriage vows, she was reminded of the day when for the first time, she had held her little angel in her arms, of the day when her pig-tailed toddler had adorned the freshly painted living room walls with her colorful drawings, of the sweet smile that lit up the room on unwrapping the birthday gifts, of the numerous times she had made her proud and of the day she had introduced her to the man of her dreams. She was also reminded of the not so happy days- of the troublesome times that had torn her and her husband, of the days of solitude she had chosen for herself and of the dear friend, who had suggested her the VISIT.

At the same time, her daughter was thanking her stars for the wonderful life she was blessed with. She looked at her Gods-on-earth, her parents and smiled. It was their one decision that had changed her life- their decision to VISIT the orphanage and give a wailing baby home.

The bride then turned to her handsome groom- the man who had not only agreed to love her and to be by her side through all thick and thin but had also promised her that irrespective of what they'd be blessed with, they'd make a similar VISIT and gift a beautiful life to a God sent angel.


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  1. a beautiful story of adoption and love! Thx for sharing.
    *an FMF neighbor stopping by from

  2. This is a beautiful story Tanya!

  3. This is such a beautiful story for any daughter. Hope you have the greatest day ever!


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