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Colours Dekor comes up with such interesting topics every month that I just cannot keep away from participating. Last month, I entered Enchanting Entrances with Diwali Decor and this time it's 'Shelf Stories'. 

Sharing a few pictures of my house here in Michigan, USA. Most of the stuff that I use around in the house to decorate is either made by me or is 'recycled-trash'. The only respectable stuff you'll spot belongs to the 'gifted' category. With the uncertainty about the duration of stay in the foreign country and the BIG-BAD limitation on baggage by airlines, Sanket and I decided on buying bare-minimum stuff for home. Only souvenirs from the places we visit, have managed to make way into the house. 

Inspite of all the restrictions, I have managed to create a few corners in the house that make me happy and are appreciated by guests. Going with the Monthly Topic at Colours Dekor, this post is only gonna be about the 'shelves' in the house.

The Black Book Shelf 

This Black Book Shelf is my decor canvas. It has evolved in the last one year. There was a time when I had absolutely nothing to keep on the shelf. Every little thing I received as gift, I wanted to keep on this shelf. Every souvenir I bought, was placed on it. Today, I have items to choose from (though not many!) :)

Close Up!

I wanted to add color to my kitchen as well but there was not much option. So, I decided to use the top of microwave and fridge as shelves.

Colors in Kitchen

The top of a 3-drawer cart is used for Puja.

Puja Shelf

And then there is one corner in the house where I am NOT allowed to interfere much. It's completely under Sanket's supervision. 

But I have still managed to leave my mark ;)

There is so much that Sanket and I want to do in our house but with less than 2 months to pack our bags, we have put everything on hold. We are still not sure where we'll be next year **sigh** Till we settle down at one place, this is how the decor is gonna be - TRASHY!

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  1. I do think this is one bit trashy, you have arranged all very neatly. I loved looking at your paintings in background.

  2. not trashy at all. i think it's lovely !

  3. wishing you the best regarding your next move.

  4. Good luck on the move. Thanks for linking up

  5. Hi Tanya, I love your black book shelf. The frame on the wall also looks interesting. Do you have a close up?

  6. I quite love that black book shelf! Oh and that bell from Niagra. Looks chic. :)

  7. Did I miss this post Tanya?? You didnt link it up?? Im not sure... But your shelves are absolutely gorgeous.. Are you joining the party this month??


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