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This post should have come up on Monday morning but since I was determined to make all the pending phone-calls and completing the chores that had been waiting for me since long, blogging took the back seat. I hope my friends won't mind reading the weekend update on Wednesday morning!!

This weekend was killer-fun! We went to Michigan's Adventure with a bunch of friends. Being our crazy selves, we started with one of the most deadly rides- Shivering Timber. This wooden roller-coaster shook us up like anything!! The jerks and bumps could be felt even after getting off it. The rattling sound that the coaster makes while running wildly on the wooden tracks is simply unforgettable. The series of drops did not give us even a fraction of a second to maintain balance. Even before we realized that a drop was over, we were already heading towards the next. I am sure, the internal organs of my body must have exchanged places after that ride! Have a glimpse of the deadly track.

Shivering Timbers via source

A few more rides and then we headed straight to Wild Water Adventure - the water park. 

Boogie Beach, Snake Pit, Funnel of Fear, Mammoth River, Mine Shaft, Ridge Rider, Wild Slide, Slidewinders and loads of water! Funnel of Fear would have been more fun only if we did not have to carry the large and heavy tube up the tower. 

All pictures via Michigan Adventure

After soaking ourselves in the water park for almost 4 hours, we quickly ran to join the queue for Thunderhawk. This inverted roller coaster runs at a speed of 50 mph (80 kph). While you are seated, the legs are hanging in the air and then all of a sudden it starts running at a wild speed. It twists and turns and runs and drops! See the video (via lost164) to feel the thunder.

AND the best was reserved for the end... RIP CORD! They take the riders up to a height of 183 feet, one of them pulls the cord and the riders plunge in a pendulum motion. Sanket and I along with a friend, decided to go for it, even when it looked scary! We had to wait for long before we were harnessed and were taken to the point from where everything looked like a speck. We heard the words - 'One, Two, Three, PULL' and there we were... swaying like a pendulum :) 

Sanket was the one among us who had to pull the cord and he admits to be slightly nervous while doing it. My first thought on realizing that the cord had been released was- 'Why did he have to do it so instantly? He could have taken some more time!' I am still not sure whether I would have been able to pull the cord, if it was in my hands! I am so glad that I did not think of doing it in the first place. 

I have to say that Rip Cord was the best ride of my life. Perfect combination of fun and fear. Unfortunately, it was really dark by the time it was our turn and hence it would be difficult to see anything in our video. I am uploading Stratton99's video for all of you.

Hey... did I tell you that Sanket and I took the first seat in all the rides :) Do you belong to our league? Have you tried Rip Cord? Do you enjoy Amusement Parks?


I need to show you all something. Remember when I shared the picture of first marigold here, I said that I wanted shades of yellow on the bed of green leaves? Here it is...

And some Alyssum bunches...

I party here!


  1. oh my gosh!! You sure had a fabulous time!!

  2. Woo hooo what a fun weekend!In summer I m too mostly tired and lazy on Monday.nice photo, you both look cute together. flowers are so beautiful...I 'll try this verity of marigold next time.

  3. Oh, that is such a lot of twists! Wonderful time at a park.:)

  4. How fun! looks like a great time had by all.

  5. I cannot do roller coasters anymore. Makes me too dizzy and scared. Getting old sucks.

  6. Wow,..looks like u had a blast :)

  7. Sounds and looks like a lot of fun! Lovely shots too. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  8. Sounds like so much fun! You are so brave to ride those rides. i haven't rode a roller coaster since i was teen.


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