Pain and Fear

I heard my sister's voice. The house was on fire and she was trapped in. 
She was trying to extinguish the fire but it was out of her control. 
I went in and she asked me for help. I was worried about her safety. 
I did not want her to get harmed. I wanted to tell her to go out. 
I wanted to say that I'll take care, you just leave. 
But the words just did not come out and there we were- in a room, where fire was only getting wilder. 

The very next second, I woke up to find my self on my bed and the moon peeping in through the gap between the curtains. It was just a nightmare! Thankfully. I lied there for long, thinking about the fear that had the power to wake me up from sleep. I was glad that we were all safe for it was just a scary dream. With a few deep breaths, fear was replaced by subtle happiness. I decided to go back to sleep but was reminded of the blogger friend, who's recent post had made me cry.

She is beautiful. She is in her 30's. She is a mom of three. She is fighting cancer.

I have never met her and it's been only a few days that I started following her blog but I could sense the fear and feel the pain in her words. She has dreams like all of us. Dream to live long. Dream to be a Grandmom. Dream to be healthy. Dreams to live for but with the 50/50 chance she has with life in the next 10 years, things don't look very easy. She has a big battle to fight and with it come several other problems. Unfortunately, her sufferings won't end like a nightmare. Courage, love and prayers can only beat this monster.


Pain and fear do not spare anyone. They just come in different packages. Everyone is fighting a battle. What differs is the strength of the opponent and the duration of the war. 


With all these thoughts, I went back to sleep. Dreams continued. I never have a dream-free sleep. Next morning, I get up leaving behind all the negative thoughts and ready to face life as it comes. 


  1. ohh...I m so sad by the story u wrote @ blogger friend. since my son born I fear the most, thats why I m afraid now to try dangerous thing, as when I wrote in my skydiving post, thats the no1 reason I can not do it.

  2. i thought the blog is abt me :(((

  3. Dreams! Nightmares! I am sorry for your blogger friend! May god give her the strength and will power to fight it out.

    Not sure if this post is the one to share this, since i have arrived to share this, so i am leaving this note behind.
    Your Blog has been Nominated for Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit HERE to receive the same!

  4. that is quite common i guess particularly for women...i think willpower and God fear only can help us

  5. The power of prayer and the support of fellow bloggers (along with friends and family) can make a big difference in the life of a warrior.

    Maybe we could send your blogger friend cards? Maybe you could link us to her blog so that we could say hello?

  6. my word..I come to thank you for your sweet words at my blog and find this made me cry. thank you for "getting" that life can feel like a nightmare, your acknowledgement of my fear and pain touched my heart. so happy to be a part of the same blogging community. so happy to know you...

  7. I will be praying for you. I used to hate going to sleep because I always dreamed and always remembered my dreams. They were the kind of dreams that made you feel scared and worried in the morning. I started to turn to God in my life and asked Him to relieve me of these horrible nightmares and he did. I rarely every dream or have a nightmare now. But when I do, I pray and I can go right back into my day feeling much better. I think He still gives me some just to help me when I fear, to remember Who to turn to.

    God Bless your friend! And you! ;) It's so sweet and real of you to compare your feelings to someone with cancer. It shows you think of others. ;)

  8. First time here, ...really deep, may God give her strength,I can only imagine

  9. That is really sad. Life can be so unfair sometimes. Hope she comes out on the brighter side!

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