The Icy Story

This is too good to be true... two blogs in two days!! I definitely need to pat my back!!

A friend, who is also a devoted reader of my blogs is surely gonna be pleased to see this. She told me to write more frequently or give it up all together because she hates to wait between blogs. I believe you are happy today, Anukriti ;) And yes, a big reason for this blog popping up today (pending since long) is last night's party, which kept the husbands away from home on a Friday Evening. NO, I am not complaining...just explaining :)

Not much to write just a few pictures to share.

It's February and (most of) the eyes are tired of the dullness all around. Photographs of snow don't fetch comments any more. In the stores, coats and sweaters have gone on sale. Temperature is doing it's best to reach the 'zero-mark' and above. Winter will soon be gone and White will make way for Green... no snow!! But before that actually happens, I would like to share the result of varying temperature over the last couple of months.... the icicles... MY icicles.

Yes, I refer to them as 'My Icicles' because they have been a part of my life throughout the cold weather. They were born on December 1, 2010 (remember the blog Lazy Days? They were in their infant stage then)  and since then, I have gone to the patio several times in a day to check their status. I have seen them grow and rejoiced. My heart withered each time I saw water dripping down. I waited all these days for them to touch the floor of the patio and one fine day, I woke up to see THE 'touchdown'. They are almost 8 feet now!! I feel like a proud mom :)

Oops.. I said- I wont write much!! Ahh... you know, how proud moms blabber!! Ignore, ignore!! See the pictures.


The Toddler Stage

 Growing Teens

Full-Grown Adults

Glory of Night 

A Bright Sunny Day
The Sword of Tipu Sultan


Behind the Bars
The Icy Wall
Braving the Sun
Glittery Gold 
Last Link 

So now you know why I am so obsessed with them!!

Weather reports say that February is gonna be the month of Thawing. The onset of which starts this coming week. These Icicles will soon be gone :(

UPDATE:  Little did I know that while I would be spreading the word about my Icicles and my friends would be reading this blog, the Wall of Ice would come crashing down. Just a few minutes back, the Icicles melted!! Here is a picture of the debris :(

The end of the Icy Story for this season

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  1. didi just loved the pics...
    maja aa gayies dekh kar
    just a treat frm me 2 watch...
    snow snow snow everywhere :-))))

  2. u've got one nice icicle farm over there..they r both scary n beautiful at the same time....:)

  3. It sure was a delight to watch.

    I did not find them scary unless you said that, Pratik. Good to have a new perspective.

    Sadly, the 'farm' has now withered!! The good news is- Spring is almost here :)

  4. amazing pics i know ki tum itna excited kyu hoti thi snow ko looks so pretty...and also well captured :)

  5. Wow,what a blog,perfect place to visit everyday to see the colours of life.

  6. @Ritika- Each day was a new experience and that is what made it exciting. Glad that you liked the pics. The idea was to share with everyone what I found to be beautiful and unique.

    @Gaurav- I am happy to know that you like what I scribble here. I would try to put up new blogs regularly. I don't want to keep you waiting and your interest to die out because that would my loss for sure.


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