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If 'Love is in the Air'.. then it has to be on my blog; and this explains the new, all-red theme, here!! For me, February brings with it buckets full of color Red and bags stuffed with hearts and flowers. Though, this February will also mark the start of a 'War' but more on this later. Right now I am feeling 'Red'... Red for Affection and not Aggression.

So friends, what is the plan for the day?

For some 'Everyday is a Valentine's Day' and a reason good enough to escape from the expectations of their partners. Ardent Govinda fans, I must say!! Remember his dialog from the movie Hadd Kar Di Aapne-
Everyday is a Valentine's Day
Every Hour is a Valentine's Hour
Every Minute is a Valentine's Minute
Every Second is a Valentine's Second

For the others, who love to go a little out of the way to make the day special and memorable, all I would say is ' iAppreciate' and All the Best. Many of my female friends have been planning, taking ideas and suggestions from all possible sources and working hard. Hope that their partners are also cracking their nerves ;)

As for Sanket and I, we don't have any elaborate plans as of now but we do intend to do a little something!! Let's see.

Coming to the 'War' part of it... I was talking about the Cricket World Cup... what else!! Hope India puts up a good show right through the end, so that we go on to remember the year 2011 for the second Cricket World Cup victory!! Over-ambitious, am I??

Anyway, you guys have a great weekend and a happier Monday... Celebrating Love!!

P.S.- Singles, do celebrate with your family and friends... it's about affection and feeling good... nothing more, nothing less!!


  1. Love is indeed in the air!!!!
    I hope Sanket and you too find a mind blowing plan to celebrate it..

  2. Thanks Ritika... and it did happen. We had a great day :) How about you guys?


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