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Going with the Valentine's Day momentum, this post is about the same. Valentine's Day Celebration' 2011 !!

Being a working day, most for the couples had to spend half of the day away from each other's sight. We were no different!! Sanket was at office for most of the day and I had nothing better to do than to wait for him to be back. While I was killing time, I read a college friend's blog about Virtual Valentine's Day! It brought smile to my face because it reminded me of the concept I along with a few friends had come up with, way back in 2008, our Final Year of college. My blogger friend went on to call us 'Crazy Ladies'... yes, crazy it was... most definitely!!

We, the Singles-Of-College had nothing to do on Valentine's Day but to watch couples hang around or hide in some 'corners' of the college campus. This would have only led us to say - "Valentine's Day is just another day!!" Something which I would not approve of. So, we decided to exchange small (even silly) gifts, cards, bookmarks, flowers 'stolen' from the college garden, chocolates, just anything we could lay our hands on. Guess what... we really had a nice day :) :)

From Singles-Of-College to Long-Distance-Valentines and finally I-Am-With-My-Valentine, the same day has been celebrated differently and with a new zeal over the years. Yesterday was one such beautiful day :)

A small corner of the house was painted Red with flowers, chocolates, cake, balloons and US. Every time I look at it... I tell myself- "Girl, you are blessed. You have so many lovely people around and a husband who loves you like anything!!"  :) :) Reason good enough to celebrate, isn't it?

I would not have written about our date last night at Zooroona, had it not been for the amazing experience. Authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine, the absolutely wonderful ambiance and not to forget the prompt service in spite of the big crowd. I owe them some publicity and a couple of good reviews for adding to the romantic evening.

A friend on Facebook posted a link to Google's Valentine's Day logo from the past. For those of you, who do not wish to give trouble to your machine by opening a new page, just scroll down. Do let me know which is your favorite logo. My vote goes to the Year 2008!!

Year 2000

Year 2001

Year 2003

Year 2004

Year 2005

Year 2006

Year 2007 
Year 2008

Year 2009

Year 2010

Year 2011


  1. Mine goes to 2006.... and tum bahut moti ho gayi ho :)

  2. 2006.. hmmm!! The 2006 and 2010 logos have the 'Winter Olympics' touch to it coz the dates coincided. I guess they tried to combine the V-Day spirit and the love for sports.

    About motapa, sad but true :(

  3. :) same candle... :) :)
    so again we land up in similar things :D

  4. Hmmm.. good research done. And anyways y r u sad about that... What will you gain being slim? Atleast here u 've gained smthng. Think abt gain everytime.!!

  5. 2004 and 2008...

    loved the blog... it was awesome... i want to see all the pictures so mail 'em...

    my fav line from this blog was where you wrote - I tell myself- "Girl, you are blessed. You have so many lovely people around and a husband who loves you like anything!!" :) :) Reason good enough to celebrate, isn't it?


  6. Yes Ritika!! :)
    I did tell you about the other common things in my comment on one of your pictures.

    @Sunil- That was inspiring :) 'Think about the gain and be merry!!' After all, weight gain is GAIN ;)

  7. Chotuuu... so you finally read the blog... and you read it well!! Love you :) :) 2004 and 2008 are good choices indeed.
    FYI, I mailed the pictures before I read this comment. Check your mail.


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