Treat to Myself

That one day of the year, when phone calls from family members scattered across the globe, keep you engaged, when friends far and near make sure that they send in loving messages and when your not so-vocal spouse pours his affection in the form of words. That one day of the year, when all these things happen simultaneously and love flows in from all corners. That day of the year was for me this past Friday- my Birthday!

The cake-cutting, gifts and sugary sweet messages from dear ones started the day at a very beautiful note. My man treated me well and the last minute change of plans for birthday dinner proved to be one of the finest.

After all the merry-making, it was my turn to treat- Treat myself!

Rather than tip-toeing into the spa or going for a shopping plunge, which were the other options on my list, I chose to spend the Sunday of my birthday weekend with colors. And here's how it went-

There is something about the big, round bindis that adds to the beauty of feminine look.
Glad they are back and making a strong fashion statement.
You saw me wearing one here and also, in one of the paintings- here.

It is pretty strange for an I-dont-bother-much-about-music person to center her artwork on a musical note.
But.. I kinda liked this Treble and you might, in the days to come, get to see more music in my art :)

This one was actually made a few days back.
So, it's not really a part of the birthday weekend package but we can still feature it with its kins. Right!
Afterall, they're all going to hang-out together 

I have been meaning to do something Owlie since months years.
You would know it if you have seen this 'Oh So Owlie' board on Pinterest
And I finally grabbed this chance.

Once I finished all the pieces, they were laid down for judgement. Surprisingly, Sanket and I had completely different ratings. What does your ranking say? Which one do you like the best? Let's have a poll. The first ever poll on Kreative Korner!

Though I know which wall they are going up on, I am yet to decide the order and formation. Any suggestions? Straight in a line or grid? Random or ladder?


  1. Wow, what a great way to spend a birthday! You are very creative, I love the flower! Thank you for visiting my blog to let me know that I have been featured on Wake Up Wednesday, I truly appreciate it!
    Visiting from Wake Up Wednesday, its a truly great link party that we both have the pleasure to co-host! :-)
    Cathy@ three kids and a fish

    1. I love co-hosting Wake Up Wednesdays with all you lovely ladies. Congrats again on the feature.

  2. Omg, you're such a gifted artist Tanya!
    All of them looks really good, but I voted for the owl :)
    Looking at it made my tired eyes feel a little calmness after spending hours and hours in front of my pc lol

    Jhem Arzaga

    1. Thanks for all the appreciation, Jhem. Have a good week ahead.

  3. And oh, belated Happy Birthday! I hope I'm not too late :)

    1. No. You are not late at all, my dear. Because I believe that as long as the b'day wishes flow in, the celebration continues :) Thanks!

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