Thank You, SMC

I am tired and sleepy after the 10-hour shopping haul but was determined to write this because Thanksgiving is not only about the doorbusters and whopping discounts. It's about acknowledging and appreciating all the good around.

I cannot be grateful enough to be a part of St. Mary's Convent Inter College, Allahabad. SMC is one of the bestEST things to happen to me. What I am today is because of what was seeded in me years back and I owe it to my school. 

Circa 2011

No matter how much we hated the disciplinary rules and 'the' announcement for uniform change back then, I know today, that it is those rules that have molded us into what we are and that the blue & white salwar-kurta-dupatta only made us look smarter.

Gone are the days when we waited for the school photographer (oh! that bald man with paan-stained teeth and a bulky camera around his neck) for the annual function pictures or the school magazine to glance through the year and share it with friends and family outside, to let them peek into our world behind that huge, blue gate. 

Thanks to technology, photos and videos of school events are now available on the school website and on Youtube for all to see. It's one of these videos that made me realize that the morals and values of my alma mater are deep-rooted and no generation gap or time lapse can scar it.

The SMCians proudly bear the school badge, be it the 2014 batch or the 2004 or anyone from the past. The humbleness, gratitude and sense of responsibility along with the confidence to voice our thoughts is a common virtue among all of us. And this did not happen just by chance. It has taken the teachers and staff of SMC years to shape us, our minds and our future. For which, we shall always be indebted. Thank you dear teachers for being the wonderful souls you all are. Thank you for the pats of appreciation and for the stern-looks of disapproval. They were our guiding light. Special thanks to Sr. Christina, whose wise words still resonate in my heart.

And thanks to my parents for gifting me the experience and the tag of being an SMCian. A proud SMCian!

Happy Thanksgiving to y'all and a note of appreciation 
for each one of you for your presence in my life. 


  1. enjoyed reading this. What a special experience that you had. i hope you are still friends with some of these people. Friends that you spent your life with are so rich. we need those old friends. hope you had a beautiful thanksgiving!

  2. What a lovely post! It sounds like your alma mater was a wonderful place of shaping and molding. A true treasure. Stopping by from #FMFparty. I'm your neighbor there!

    1. Thank you for paying me a visit, Leah.
      I cannot be grateful enough to my school for all that I learned there. It sure was wonderful.

  3. Oh I have tears in eyes!!! I still have my school badges... All... All of them... I can still sing the school anthem with the piano tune!!! I miss school... For all the reasons in the world and like you truly said for making us what we are today.

    1. I know what you feel. Let's go to SMC when we are in Allahabad next :)

  4. It is such a joy to read such a refreshing appreciation of one's scholastic experiences. So glad you are grateful for yours.



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