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Last night while casually singing the 'Happy Birthday' song (which I picked up from my 2-year old nephew, who sings it on a loop all the time), I was reminded of the statement that I made at the start of the month. Remember.. 'whatever I want to do, man'..  random posts... old topics on the blog. No? Click here for a memory refresh!

5 days left in the month. And I intend to do a-post-every-day for the remainder of the month. Do you think I'll be able to stick to it? I have my doubts but we'll see, as we go!! Starting with today.

A friend nominated me for the 'Black and White Challenge' on Instagram a few days back. 5 days of pictures on the gray scale. Not as simple as it sounds. No!

For someone like me, who loves everything about colors, to the extent that she takes care to add it to her food as well, it was definitely not easy to keep the monochromatic pictures over the colorful versions. Black and white is beautiful and it's charm and grace is worth every penny of appreciation but only as long as it is somebody else's work.

Doing it myself, did not come easy to me. Here is what I published. Posting the pictures along with their colorful counterparts because for me, colors are the essence.

To drain out the VIBGYOR (or ROYGBIV) and all the shades between them from these pictures was a challenge in true sense. Like I said, black and white is pretty & charming but colors add that extra pinch of magnificence and radiance that brings pictures to life.

I feel there is always something amiss in the black and white pictures. Am I alone in my thinking or you have a similar story to share? Black and white or colored, what's your pick?


  1. Nicely done Tanya!
    As for your question, "Black and white or colored", well, i guess it would depend on the composition. Sometimes black and white is able to convey more. Pic#3 and #4 in your post are the examples.


    1. Thanks for sharing your perspective, Somil. I agree with you on #4. The gray scale version definitely looks better than the colored. And #1 got me thinking about colorless flowers. It was a good challenge to take up.

  2. Tanya, you're a talented lovely lady!

    The one with a colored cupcake is making me to crave for it :)

  3. I agree with you, 100%; I love colour, too! And as such, I of course prefer your colour pics to the black and white, which are, nonetheless, lovely.


    1. It was a god challenge for a color-lover like me. Seeing beyond colors, is not something I do very often.


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