STILL Hanging On

Temperatures are dropping. Heaters are on. Jackets and coats have started making their way into the closet. The weather app says it's 30 degrees outside and I dare not walk out to testify. 

Trees all around are changing their look for the season. Adorning their red-orange-yellow attires to get dressed for Fall but things in my little patio garden are STILL the same. The greens are STILL green and the flowers are STILL blooming.

Not for long, I know! Sigh!! And it kinda breaks my heart to think of seeing my plants wither in the cold, harsh weather but while they are STILL hanging on, I decided to grab the camera and the coat, put on my socks and slip on my Dearfoams; and click to capture the glory of this fall bloom, before it's gone to be replaced by gloom.

The thought of losing these beauties that I have loved all through these months, is terrible but then, there is the snow flakes dance performance to look forward to and the holidays and the comfort of sneaking into the blanket and the nose turning red with cold and the hot cuppas to sip on.

That is what the circle of life is all about- Making way for the other. Isn't it?


This post has been written for Five Minute Fridays- the writing flash mob, where bloggers get together to write on a common topic, all in just 5 minutes!
                                                        Prompt for today - STILL!

P.S.- Of course the photo selection and upload time is not included in those 5 minutes!


  1. Loving Fall Photos!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    I am now back to Blogging after a Break and posting over on my Christmas Blog...


    1. Glad to know you are back with Christmas bling :)

  2. No matter how many times we will witness the changing of the seasons, it's always like the first!

    Enjoyed your 5 minute observational thoughts on the subject.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    P.S. I'm confused - your profile says India, but your pics look like they could be in the States!

    1. Does it! I remember updating it. May be I din't save it. Thanks for letting me know.
      I moved to the States last year from India. Been shuffling between these two counties for the last 5 years and I loved every bit of it.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you girl! Good to see you back after long.


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