Hate This. Liked That.


Still a few hours to go before Sanket will be home.
He left for office on Monday morning, had a train to catch after that and will be back only tomorrow morning.

Technically, it's not even 2 days but I have already felt the heat. This is not the first time, we have spent months at a stretch in different countries but it's only during times like these that you realize how your life is rolled up with that of your significant other.

** You are at your own to handle the morning chores, from waking up to the alarm-call to locking the doors.
** Your entire day goes by without listening to music.
** Nobody to drive you to work.
** You come home, have a full, big glass of mango shake and pop in a few chocolates after that and yet, nobody gives you that mocking smile.
** When you do not change clothes after coming from office for more than an hour and nobody reminds you of it.
** You are busy with work and all of a sudden you feel hunger pangs but you give up the idea of cooking for 'yourself'.
** Gayle's is going berserk at the IPL but no one's around to celebrate it with.
** No one offers you that glass of Rasna or 'Sprite-on-the-rocks'.
** You just rearranged the knick-knacks in the house but do not have anybody to take a look at it and give honest feedback.
** You have to do the mosquito treatment yourself.
** You ought to get up and switch the lights off and there is absolutely 'no other option'.
** You have the blanket and the entire bed all for yourself but it's no fun.
** You know you should be asleep at this hour (3:30 AM!) but you prefer writing it all out!!

Call me crazy, call me insane... but inspite of knowing each other for almost 7 years, out of which 3.5 would be of marriage, I still look forward to my man's calls and the office hours to get over so that I can see him. 

And right now, I am waiting for the night to get over, so that he's home!



Remember how we ended the post here? I mentioned about a new crafty addiction! 

I had been meaning to get my hands dirty with some clay but did not know where to start from. And then folks at office organized this one-hour workshop on clay and pottery. Good enough to get the idea. 

Here's the first attempt result...

It should not stop here. Working with clay is wonderful. There is so much you can do with it... molding in all possible shapes and sizes. Watchhing too much or too little of water spoil the fun. 

Know of any online store from where I can get the clay? Waiting to explore a whole new world. 

Hope you liked the first attempt pieces inspite of the cracks and imperfections.

P.S.: Please don't ask me what that weird looking birdie is!! 

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  1. Tanya...your first attempt is wonderful ...love the Ganesha. Some day I want to learn pottery..that is on my wish list. Tanya...I hv also lived months aparts due to job and such but it's never gets easier :)

    1. One of my friends told me that her 4-something son is busy playing with clay in his summer camp. May be you can take it up with your son too, Nayana.

  2. These pieces look very intricate, Tanya. You are very skilled at this.

    1. Thank you, Lisa. You are so generous! I am far from being skilled. Hope to scoop out some time for this and grow with each clay-date.

      How have you been? Seeing you here, after a pretty long time!

  3. I can understand your sentiments totally.Being wedded to an army officer ,i have had to live alone for every three years when he is off to field.The worst part is the babies miss their father a lot!
    Loved the Ganesha.Looks better than a first attempt.

    1. Hats off to all that you guys put up with for the sake of the country. I have friends in defense and can recall hearing the same from them. It's not easy but the grace with which it is handled by the officers and their families is worth appreciation.
      Thank you!

  4. Very sweet post and the Ganesha is lovely. Thank you for stopping by My Dream Canvas and your sweet comment. Have a great weekend. Anu

    1. Thank you, Anu. My Dream Canvas is a delight to visit always!

  5. Love your clay creations!! I would also like to try this craft myself!! Keep on crafting!

    1. Thanks, Jill. All the awesome words here have truly inspired me to keep going. Hope to get back to it soon.


  6. I also love working with clay (and the bird looks intriguing to me...) Thanks for following me, I'm following back with all my heart, you are so creative!

    1. Thank you so much! And a hearty welcome to you! Hope you enjoy your time here at Kreative Korner.

  7. Tanya, first time here and about to drop my first comment. can relate to the post every bit, i have been married for the same time and the same feelings happen to me, somehow i canot imagine myself without my better half. coming on to the ganesha, no one would believe u aint akilled, i think you did a pretty good job for the first time. Keep it up and try on some more.


    1. Thank you so much, Mamta.

      Wish for you that you never have to stay without your partner.
      Sending love and luck your way!


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