Confessions of a 100-er

Ohhh..K so!! Kreative Korner is 100 posts old!!
How about a round of confessions on the occasion?

1. When Kreative Korner was born in August 2010, I had no idea where it was heading to. I just wanted it to be a medium to share my thoughts, experiments, excitement, passion and experience, while living in a land of strangers.

2. This blog was never intended to be an exclusive arts and crafts blog and it neither is. Why you see more arty posts here is because that is me- my love for colors and craft floods this space on cloud a little more than often.

3. There have been times when I commented on people's blog only because I had landed on their page. But while doing that I maintained my honestly with words.

4. I am never satisfied with my blog's look and theme for more than 2 days but the act of changing it is such a  tedious task that I prefer not getting my hands dirty with the codes.

5. Inspite of my love for blogging, I have been away from blogland for long stretches for the simple reason that I just did not feel like writing. Forcing myself was not an option.

6. Every single comment from y'all excites me :) and I make sure that I reply to all. People not replying to their blog-buddies because they are busy taking fancy pictures to increase traffic for their sites is a concept that does not work with me.

7. Talking about traffic, I love to see how many views I have had and I do that every time I log in.

8. Entering the blogland for money was never the intend but who minds when money flows in  ;)

9. There is much more to write and tell than you see here. I have more than 50 posts as drafts. Yes, that is almost half, if not more, than what have been published.

10. There is a very thin line between what can be made public and what is to remain private. Every word I write here is carefully scrutinized. Every image I upload has the risk of being misused but the pleasure it gives me in sharing it with all you genuine people is much more than that.


We are getting ready for hot summers with the most refreshing drink, Aam ka Panna. Aahhh... So Mangolicious!!

I am no expert at cooking but I believe, a recipe can give y'all a heads up to this simple and easy to prepare drink.

Ingredients: Raw Mango, Mint Leaves, Sugar, Salt, Black Salt, Cumin Powder, Water, Lemon, Green Chili

1. Boil the raw mangoes. (I had 5 small mangoes)
2. Do not drain off the remaining water.
3. Once the mangoes cool down, extract the pulp by removing the peel and seed. Keep aside.
4. Grind the mint leaves (a handful) and green chili (1 in number - deseeded). Use water from boiling, if needed.
5. Churn the mango pulp, mixture from 4 and water from 2 in a grinder, so that the consistency of liquid is consistent.
6. Add sugar, salt, black salt and cumin powder to taste.
7. Add in 2-3 tablespoons of lime juice.
8. Mix well.
9. Serve chilled.

Let me know how you liked it. Also, if you have an alternate recipe, please do share with us.


After watching Rajasthan Royals beat one of the strongest contenders of IPL6, Mumbai Indians, I am one happy cricket fan tonight :) 

Bye for now!

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  1. congrates Tanya on 100th post...ohh I am missing my mom to see your aam ka panna,missing my childhood i'll definitely try this recipe in my kitchen .

    1. Thank you so much, Priyanka!

      Isn't it awesome how we have memories attached to every little thing :)
      Cheers to all the beautiful time spent!

  2. Congrats Tanya. Keep going.

  3. For some reason, aam ka panna was never my favorite summer drink, but if at all, I like it on the sweeter side rather than on it being on the sour side.

    One drink that Amrita invented and me Shweta and Amrita love it is very simple yet tasty. All you need to do is peel and cut the mango in pieces, put some salt and red chilli powder in it and leave it overnight at room temperature.

    You might want to freeze it before drinking, but with us girls it was over before we got to freeze it, as we kept tasting it throughout the "let it sit" period.

    1. That's a new recipe for me! May be we can try when you are here. Ooo... and that would be only a few hours from now :)

  4. Ooh...I hv never had this drink so I m gonna pin it to try for later...hv a great weekend :)

    1. Worth a try!! I hardly know of any Indian who does not like mangoes and it's flavor. So, if you are not an exception, I am pretty sure, you'll like it.

      Let me know when you prepare it.

  5. hei ths one i had recently in my friends house and really loved it...thx 4r the receipe...

    1. Most welcome, Nisha!
      Hope you got a chance to prepare the drink.

  6. hei ths one i had recently in my friends house and loved it...thx 4r the receipe..

  7. recently i tried ths n my friends house and i would say itz something refreshing and tasty too...


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