March Music - PhotoLog

Third successful month of PhotoLogging! Wow! I am led to believe that I can keep up with it :)March went by in a jiffy. Holi, it's preparations and excitement kept me busy for quite a few days. The graph of work at office varied exceptionally and between all this, I did manage to add a new painting to the collection. Check it out here.

Over to the PhotoLog now.

Holi center-piece for the coffee table. Red-Green-Blue-Yellow... all the primaries present.

My favorite cricketer! right before he left for the match.
Yes honey, you just beat Rahul Dravid to top the list :)

Blood donation! The least I can do.
Doctors' appreciation for the deed and maintaining a good haemoglobin, eased the pain.
Sorry if the picture freaks you out but I had to share the happiness and pride experienced after those 10 minutes.

Fennel (saunf) plant from the garden.

The bud that has now bloomed into a beautiful flower.
Aren't rose buds the prettiest of them all?

Holi without gujiyas... Not possible!!
2 rounds of preparations and a total of 150 gujiyas lasted for only a week.

After bothering mom for the Fresh Coconut Barfi recipe twice thrice 10 times or may be more, this Holi finally saw me preparing it. Turned out to be yum :D

Holi at work and a meeting to attend after that ;)

Colorful Midnight Ghosts!

This is how the streets look. All thanks to pretty bougainvilleas.

How was March for you? Is it spring in your part of the country yet? Was busy in Holi and/or Easter preparations? Or the end of financial year tied you to work? Do share the link to your round-up posts in the comment section below.

Expect a few quick posts coming your way. They are just a hit on 'Publish button' away from you.

See ya soon... very soon!

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  1. Rounds of being sick. Lots of dinners and lunches out and with friends. Easter egg hunt with Aaarush. Crazy days at work. Snowfall, no signs of spring yet. Hoping my April to be not so boring as March.

    1. I know! Attending to sick kids when you are not well yourself is tough. Deadlines at work don't make things any better. Hope you all are feeling better now. Take it light and stay fit, there is lots in line to be done.

      Do share Egg Hunt pictures, as and when you get time.

      And I am sure April-May is gonna be fun :)

  2. First time i have seen a girl is donating the blood, hats off to you.

    1. :) Thanks to you!
      Had it not been for the company I had to plot-16, I would have probably let work wash away this chance again.

  3. have had a fab month....loved's a lot of gujiyas and can't wait for roses to bloom here...thanks for all your lovely comments :)

    1. The month of festivals is actually fun and interesting :) Hope you had a nice holi too.

  4. wowww what a lovely march photo log u have done lots of exciting things in march yummyy gujias n burfi and methi flowers are reallyy wonderfulll :) Loved watching ur photo log

    1. The support I get from you in the form of such sweet comments is what keeps me going. Thanks :)

  5. Yes. All are colourful. Colourful Holi.
    Nice pictures.
    Like to see the bloomed flower.

  6. Spring has set in truly at your corner,must say.
    What lovely thoughts penned down,very inspiring.
    Thanks for your encouraging words at my space especially being new to blog land.
    I am your newest follower,would love it if you would visit a while at mine.


    1. Glad to see you here, Arani! Following you back.
      Looking forward to spending some good time together here in blogland.

  7. Loved this post,Tanya.Most of all the one in which you are working in office after playing Holi.

    1. Hahhaa... don't I look a little scary there ;) A friend and colleague was so amused to see me working with colors on, that he went on to take a picture. And I am glad he did ;)


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