What's in the Mail Box?

Between Hubs and me, he is the one who takes care of the mails. The mailbox is unlocked on a daily basis and more often than once or twice a week, he finds envelopes addressed to me. While the mails he receives are usually bank account statements or other boring stuff (as I call them), mine are colorful and interesting - free samples from all possible sources *wink*!

Have a look at my collection! 

Last week, we were going out and like the tradition is- Sanket went to check the mails before heading towards the car. He came back with a package and a surprised look on his face. The increase in size from regular envelopes to a mid-size package was little too much for him to handle.

The package was from Brandi Criminger who is an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay. 'Mary Kay' do the words ring a bell? Remember I won a giveaway at Kaysi's blog Keeping it Simple?

What was in the package?


A perfect treat for my hands that have been doing dishes, cooking, cleaning and have been neglected badly!!  The Mary Kay softener, scrub and cream have been pampering my hands since the day they arrived. Not to forget the beautiful tote, the tubes and bottle came in. 

Thank you Brandi, Kaysi and Mary Kay :)

Do you also sign up for freebies? Are you a giveaway winner? Who takes care of the mails in your house? Share your mailbox stories with us...


  1. Oh! I know the feeling. It is so much fun to receive such special parcels. Do let us know how you feel about these products though :D

    ♡ from © tanvii.com


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