What's the Plan?

Friday evening with a long weekend ahead and no 'Must-Do' list to accomplish. Can it get any better? **smiles**

We started off the weekend with this cool refreshing drink.

I cleaned up every nook of the house. Yes, the stage is now set for the weekend mess ;)


We are considering going out for a movie. Don't ask me "Which?". Please suggest if you can think of one. How about 'The Help'?


Or may be keep the movie plan for the coming days and beat the heat at pool before it gets shut down for the season.


Well, right now, it's time for grilled corn on the cob and hot tea. The weekend still remains UN-Planned!

What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend? Have a trip coming up or staying back at home? Partying over at friend's place or expecting guests? Shopping or cooking? Do share with us.

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  1. Sounds like a busy weekend for you!!! We had a good one so far ... catching up on Sales, saw The Debt, and tomorrow is dedicated to Mani/Pedi (pampering!)

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  2. Hi Tanya! I'm passing on the Versatile Blogger award to you! Details at my blog!


  3. unplanned is the best plan for a long lazy weekend!! :)
    we will be grilling later in the day, but just hanging out and doing things we don't normally have the time to do during the regular, hectic days of our lives!
    have a great holiday!

    Mrs. NoNo Knows

  4. hope you have had a nice weekend :) We just got back from a few days in the mountains - so nice and a little cooler there! Which makes me so excited for fall!

  5. We're grilling and hanging out with family this Labor Day. Hope you're enjoying yours!

  6. Just a quiet time at home relaxing. But my that roasted corn looks yummy! Have a great week.

  7. wow a fabulous weekend...

    two AWARDS waiting for u n my blog...CONGRATS Tanya


  8. Unplanned is good sometimes. So how was your weekend, Tanya? we had a good time in the mountains.

  9. Hi Tanya,
    I just wanted to let you know that you won a giveaway on my blog!


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