So What Do You Do With... ?

I have developed a strange characteristic of admiring and analyzing things before throwing them away in trash. Every container, bottle, box, etc. is scrutinized for reuse. 9 out of 10 times the result is to keep those things for later use. At times, they come in handy for storage purposes while at others they become the victim of my creative fantasies. 

I did this to the empty shampoo bottle.

Looking at the red, transparent body of the bottle, it became difficult to part with. 
It was washed and accessorized. 
Some pebbles were dropped in to balance the weight of the glass cork at the top.

And this to the empty salsa jar

A glass jar in trash! I could have not done that, ever.
Instead, stuffed it with wire and bells. 

And this is how the two complement the Photo Book I made on our First Wedding Anniversary.

And this to the empty lotion bottle

 White bottle and black marker is all that was needed to make this vase. 
I wanted some black flowers to put into it. Michaels had just what I needed :)

I have a considerably big collection of boxes and bottles waiting to be worked on. In the meantime, I am enjoying Sanket's reactions to my stock. He is amazed by my capability of preserving trash :) Back to the topic- So, what do you do with the empty bottles? Throw them away or store them for reuse?

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  1. Tanya Sinha bas karo logon ko apni creativity dikhana muje to ye lagne laga gaya hai ki muje bahar nikalna band kar dena chahiye ...:(hw in dis whole big wrld r u so creative ..every time i read a blog i think dis is it ur things can get mre butiful dan dis but u prove me wrng in ur every blog ....dictionary has no mre wrds left dat I cn use 4 appreciations ...magnificient ...keep up d gud wrk

  2. they look pretty tanya ...i idea u ve adopted s really innovative love them standing near ur lovely romantic pic...

  3. wow.. Tanya!! wow!! absolutely stunning makeovers.. Simply but gorgeous!! I always tot I was following you.. but bloggers being a bit weird with me.. :-( Anyway.. Im following you now.. Looking forward to some stunning posts.. :-) Hope you are having a fabulous week..

  4. Very very creative, Tanya. loved the lotion bottle makeover too...You are on a roll, girl!
    btw, how was your weekend trip to NY?

  5. Wowww...what was that...telepathy? you were writing a comment on my blog while I was writing on yours...:)

  6. gorgeous Tanya...very creative. I specially liked lotion bottle makeover...

  7. WOW, I ♥ all of those ideas Ÿ

  8. Hi Tanya! Pretty cool ideas! I just wanted to tell you that I gave you a butterfly award, you can pick it up here:

    mother crafter ~ handmade happiness

  9. Wow, so creative Tanya, I love what you have done with the have inspired me:)

  10. I'm so glad you made it to the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. Thank you SO MUCH for linking up this awesome post :) Hope you'll continually join us in the weekly party.

  11. Beautiful dear.... Love what you have done to the shampoo bottle.. Would you be sharing a pattern template and tutorial too... ;-) ;-)

  12. Hi there, I found ya via blog hop and had to stop in and say hello, LOVE all your creativity and space here.. Excited to get to share in more blog fun reads and inspiration from ya.. I'm officially following ya.. I'm Marilyn via - hope you can stop in sometime.. TY

  13. omg...u r fabulous...
    even i have interest in these stuff...would love to see more tanya

  14. I like what you did with the white lotion bottle and marker; very creative.

  15. Very creative indeed! I love the glass stopper on top of the bottle - never thought to do that, and I have a random collection of wine stoppers perfect for such a creation! Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. ps: I wanted you to know that the linky is now updated and you can vote and have your project voted for more chances to win.. TY


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