Year 2010 !!

My Year in Status - 2010 is a hit among Facebook users these days. Has to be... who does not like to flip the pages of the book called 'Memories'? I do not usually give in to these applications on Facebook but this particular app had caught my attention since the very first time I saw it. After trying to ignore it for quite some time, I finally tried it myself. Here is the collage of my Facebook status messages for the year 2010... one of the most eventful year of my life!!

This collage drove me crazy and I went to the extent of going all the way back to my first Facebook Activity and this is what I found.

First Five Facebook Friends
  1. Pulkit Anand
  2. Anushri Arora
  3. Sanket Sinha
  4. Ritika Anurag
  5. Noopur Johri

I went on to track all my status messages and believe me... it was fun!!  Give it a try if you have time on your hands. Interestingly, I joined Facebook in October' 2007 and my first status update is dated for February 12, 2009. I have had 80+ updates since then. Here they are-
  • is preparing for the life ahead!! February 12, 2009 --- Was probably planning out the life post-marriage!! Not sure
  • is killing time!! February 16, 2009 --- I have absolutely no idea how and why I had nothing to do.
  • is missing the holi celebrations @ "home" March 10, 2009 --- and that I will always do because nothing can beat the holi celebrations @ "Preetam Nagar, Allahabad" :( :(
  • is happy that holi was not as dry as it seemed to be !! March 12, 2009 --- Thankfully!! :)
  • is exploring the land of March 28, 2009 --- Kuwait
  • moving step at a time !! May 4, 2009 --- Post-Roka status update!! Relationship Status: 'In a Relationship' --> 'Engaged' :)
  • 3 Idiots: Go... watch it!! December 26, 2009 --- I still stand by it... watched it for nth time, day before yesterday.
  • Big Boss 3: Taainn taaaiiinnn fissssssssshhhhhhh December 27, 2009 --- was really disappointed with last year's results. Hope that does not happen again!!
  • Lost n Fouuunnnddd!!!!!! December 30, 2009 --- Gosh... I almost lost my Engagement Ring. Glad that it still adores my finger... pheewww!!
  • Monday morning cudn't have been better... with the sun shining with all it's might... got a chance to get behind the steering wheel... a successful experiment in the kitchen with another one queued up... time to laze around and log on to facebook!! Who says life gets boring when u get married and are alone at home all day!! January 18, 2010 --- Gurgaon Days :)
  • Hope none of my friends in Pune were anywhere near German Bakery!! Take Care!! February 13, 2010 --- Sad that it happened, glad that my friends were not there!
  • Happy Valentine's Day to all you people in love!! Hope you had a great day!! February 14, 2010 --- :) :)
  • has put a new shade of nail paint!! February 15, 2010 --- I don't have that nail paint with me anymore :(
  • had amazingly tasty Sanket-cooked chicken curry for lunch today !! Finalllyyyyyy..... ;) February 21, 2010 --- Sanket now has a few more items on his menu card. Lucky me :D :D
  • celebrated her Third Manniversary today :) It was a busy yet fun-filled day!! February 22, 2010 --- It was 13th yesterday :)
  • ‎'Find the word', 'Geographical Antakshari, Chinese at Comesum, Knitting, Watching the people go by and unlimited bakwaas helped us kill 5 hours at Nizamuddin Railway Station!! At home... finallieeee !! February 27, 2010 --- :D :D
  • Chatting with him online is always so much fun!! February 27, 2010 --- I am doing it right now as well :)
  • ‎**Chips.. Aloo k papad.. Idli.. Mathri.. Samosa.. GUJIYA.. Shakar Para.. Matar Paneer, Dahi Wada**... Rangoli... Puja.. COLORS... pics... Wishing everyone a very happy and colorful 'my favorite' festival :) ENJOOYYYY.... February 28, 2010 --- :)
  • Watch 'Beowulf'.... amazzzzzzzzzing work of animation!! March 6, 2010 --- I don't remember ANY thing about the movie now!! Strange... but that's me ;) ;)
  • Women's Reservation Bill : We don't need it coz we believe in 'Gender Equality'!! March 11, 2010 --- !!
  • IPL III... action is back!! March 11, 2010 --- I hardly followed it... courtesy, the 'big things' that came up right after that.
  • Complete... finally!! March 11, 2010 --- The Blue sweater that I made for Aarush. It fits him so well :) :)
  • Got so much in my small little head that it's becoming difficult for me to pull out one and put it up here !! March 19, 2010 --- Not so good days!!
  • It has been only a couple of days but seems like ages.... Gawwddd !! March 27, 2010 --- Glad it's over!!
  • Arreeee yaaarrrrr..... April 1, 2010 --- Must have been some trouble with my passport... I am sure.
  • Today was better than Yesterday...and I hope Tomorrow gets better than Today!! April 3, 2010 --- Yes, it was and it continues to be :) Thanks for all your wishes :)
  • Time is the most disobedient child... When you want to stop it, it slips away like grains of sand... and when you want it to go by, it gets as slow as a tortoise!! April 6, 2010 --- State of mind ;)
  • There's more Mosquito Saliva than blood running in my body!! Sanket Sinha , just wish that weird idea of yours gets practical ASAP :( April 7, 2010 --- The idea of making human dummies with some kind of poison to kill mosquitoes, so that when these little, annoying creatures bite the dummy, they take in the poison and DIE... Aaahhh!!
  • Two khoya Parathas... one deadly sin!! Followed by Kadhi-Rice and Chocolate cake... April 9, 2010 --- :D :D
  • What a day... April 10, 2010 --- was too short!!
  • What a day ... :( April 15, 2010 --- was too bad!!
  • Today is(was) Thursday... how could things go wrong today?? April 15, 2010 --- Passport saga
  • Waiting desperately for MONDAY... ( That's a rare statement... but this time it's true!! ) April 18, 2010 ---- Passport Saga, again
  • Back here after a long looonng time !! May 2, 2010 --- back to Facebook
  • Back Together... :) :) June 1, 2010 --- :) :)
  • has just had the yummiest Tandoori Chicken!! June 5, 2010 --- the 'yummiest' got all the more yummy :D
  •'s forecast for Michigan comes true after a long, long time!! It's raining (finally) but unlike my friends in Pune there's nothing much to rejoice about the rain here. Hope the clouds are beaten by the sun tomorrow morning !! June 15, 2010 ---, you are doing good... keep it up!!
  • Gurinder Chadha's It's A Wonderful Afterlife: After Bend It Like Beckham and Bride and Prejudice, this one is disappointing :( June 16, 2010 --- :( :(
  • Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Move and NOW Microsoft Kinect.... it's a boon to be born in this era of electronics!! Enjoy!! June 17, 2010 --- We own one now :D :D
  • is back to the world of colors!! June 28, 2010 --- :)
  • Gawwddd... is everyone FBing rite now?? I have so many Notifications!! June 29, 2010 --- Yes, they were.
  • needs to clear the mess and get back to the daily chores, after the long and beautiful weekend at Niagara Falls!! July 6, 2010 --- That continues to be the story after every weekend ;) ;)
  • Dauda dauda...bhaaga bhaaga saa... July 7, 2010 --- Time after 4:30 PM ;)
  • ‎...and the beautiful weather is back!! :) July 8, 2010 --- I am already dreaming about the color 'Green'. No complains, though!!
  • When it's night in India... FB becomes just so boring. Jaagooo people, jagoooo!! July 8, 2010 --- It's getting better now with Daylight Saving ending and my friends here :)
  • OK... so all my friends in India are awake now... hope they dont go off to sleep for another couple of hours!! Let's rock FB with extensive FBing... what say?? July 9, 2010 --- We did that!!
  • calls it a quit with laptop for the day!! She has more interesting work up her sleeve rather than straining eyes on this machine. July 13, 2010 --- :O :O
  • is wondering whether something is wrong with her choice of films or Bollywood is just not coming up with good releases!! July 15, 2010 --- Thank God... nothing was wrong with me ;)
  • A great family get-together, successful surprise party, Uno, variety of chicken recipes, trip to College Park, MD, Washington DC on the hottest day of the season, shopping at Ikea..... last week was so much fun!! :) :) July 26, 2010 --- :) :)
  • Fire at SB Road....What's going on in Pune? Hope it starts raining heavily to help the firemen with their work!! Also, keeping my fingers crossed that none of my friends were any where close to that building. July 29, 2010 --- Safe!!
  • has new set of colors... yaaayyy!!!! August 3, 2010 --- it always drives me crazy ;)
  • Chala li gaadiiii :D :D August 4, 2010 --- but I still don't have the license ;)
  • Acrylic paints just passed the 'microwave test'!! August 5, 2010 --- Eureka :P :P
  • SMC Allahabad won the best school award :) Yaaayyy... proud to be an SMCian!! August 9, 2010 --- Award or no award... I am always a proud SMCian :)
  • nothing!! August 11, 2010 --- ;)
  • wanted to eat something good... so she decided on MAGGI!! August 11, 2010 --- :D :D
  • Why is FB getting so boring these days?? Is it's end near?? August 19, 2010 --- ??
  • 40+ notifications in less than an hour :O thanks to the conversation between Ritika Anurag and Pria Arora on MY wall. August 20, 2010 --- That's the way they are... cannot help!!
  • Sanket Sinha and I celebrated our 9th Manniversary at Bamboo House!! Ice-cream cake to follow :) August 22, 2010 --- we went there shortly after our Wedding Anniversary as well and we did have ice cream on 22nd :D :D
  • It's not Friday... how come everyone is up so late?? August 26, 2010 --- No idea!!
  • Promoted... promoted... promoted!! A step up on the family ladder... yayyyyy!!! :D :D :D August 27, 2010 --- :D
  • wants to fight with Ritika Anurag just like we did as kids!! September 2, 2010 --- :D ;)
  • Mama-Mami are on their way to meet you Aarush :) September 3, 2010 --- waiting to put this update again!!
  • "long fun and family filled weekend!".... says Aarush :) September 4, 2010 --- for you sweetheart :)
  • Goshhh... girls can go crazy when it comes to commenting on pics.... Nidhi Seth, Seema Sanjay and I have already proved it... it's time for Tahlyan Sonya and Oshima Sharma to show their talent!! September 20, 2010 --- and it continues... though nothing can beat the 20th September activity on Facebook!! Cheers to Girl Power :)
  • Ritika Anurag... the only person who remembered our 10th Manniversary :) Thanks sweetheart... love you!! September 22, 2010 --- :)
  • I know who is the happiest person today... it's Sanket Sinha!! Reason... he has a new camera in hand and it's manual to keep him busy !! September 24, 2010 --- He has so many other electronics to keep him busy now... gosh... this guy is crazy!!
  • It's difficult being a Vegetarian.. especially when you are away from home :( :( October 5, 2010 --- :(
  • Red... Orange... Yellow!! October 11, 2010 --- Fall Foliage
  • Mackinac Island!! October 12, 2010 --- Amazingly beautiful!!
  • ‎100 mails in a chain with Ritika Prashant. Cheers to our friendship, girl.... though we don't share the same roof anymore... things have not changed much. Our gossip sessions are unbeatable!! :) :) October 13, 2010 --- and counting!!
  • Good Days lined up!! Karwa Chauth, Diwali, B'day, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, B'day again :) :) October 21, 2010 --- :)
  • is super excited :) !! October 26, 2010 --- Karwa Chauth :D
  • is watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (again) and is missing the fun she had while organizing the Movie Premier at OFSS... the non stop mails in her inbox, the unending queries, last minute ticket distribution, customized seating arrangement and a group of people who thought that the movie was boring!! October 28, 2010 --- :) ;)
  • FB status of 50 percent of my friends says that they are home or gonna be home soon!! Now that gives a feel that Diwali is round the corner... Have fun guys :) :) October 30, 2010 --- Our First Diwali, together :)
  • It's November.... yippyooonnn!! :) :) November 1, 2010 --- almost 10 months for next November :(
  • Round 1 over... countdown to Round 2 begins!! :) :) November 8, 2010 --- over :( !!
  • Yet another amazing video by Sanket on my b'day :) November 9, 2010 --- he is just too good with this :)
  • Nidhi Seth, will miss you... Vihaan... your camera... our nonsense chats and all the fun we have had together :( Have fun and enjoy your stay in India :) See you soon :) November 14, 2010 --- Miss you :(
  • After all the monthly celebrations.. it's time for the BIG one :) Thanks a lot everyone for the wonderful wishes!! -SankeTanya November 22, 2010 --- Thanks again for the wonderful Anniversary wishes :)
  • A Snowy Start to December!! December 1, 2010 --- I want more of (safe) snow!!
  • PLEASE stop crying people!! Enough of "GIRL KILLED Herself After HER DAD Posted This ON Her WALL!" December 16, 2010 --- I hope not to see this anymore!!
    More to come!!

    Wish you all a very Happy New Year :)


  1. I was just scrolling down to find the status message in which u tagged me....

  2. Thanks Motz!!

    How many did you find Ritika? Most of my last year's status updates where about Passport and travels :) Great year!!


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