Boring Blogpost

**Like the name suggests, this post is going to be the most boring post!! Read at your own risk!! **

I am bored... I have nothing to do at the moment... no exciting plans for Christmas... I am sleepy and I am hungry.

It's 9 AM and I am sitting at the airport since 3:30 AM. My flight, which was supposed to depart at 5:50 AM got cancelled and I have to wait for another 2 hours before I take the 5-minute flight to Chicago. This is not all... have to kill another 8 hours at the O'Hare Airport Lounge and then a 5 hours flight to San Jose. Gosh!!

Since I have nothing interesting to do I am watching people and airplanes landing & departing!!

  • I see a woman munching on potato chips while she looks out of the window, lost in her own thoughts. It makes me feel all the more hungry :(
  • Another lady in her late 60's has been sitting in the same position, swaying her head like a pendulum. Her way of killing time, I guess!! 
  • Oh... a sweet, little girl with a very fancy, pink cap just  went past me. 
  • Home Turf just opened for the day. No customers yet!
  • A group of security personnel are enjoying their break from work.
  • Starbucks is making good money ;) As any other morning.
  • Sanket is back to his Sleeping Beast mode.
  • No new photo albums or exciting status updates on Facebook.
  • The men look like copies of one another. The same :| expression on all the male faces.
  • Otherwise well-received Christmas Carols and Santa Caps are disgusting me all the more, at the moment :S

My sister thought that the last post was boring and I agreed with her at once. I did enjoy writing  'Year 2010 !!' but while I was half way with the proof reading, I knew it lacked the factor that hooks a reader. I decided to go on with it because it was my window to the past and intend to do it every year. Wondering why I don't have any comment on it yet!! I need to hear from you guys even if it's bad things. 


My swelling has vanished and I am glad that I would look normal in the CA pics. I did not go to the doctor ( because I could see the improvement or probably because I was lazy). Back to normal, the reason remains unknown, though!!


It's Christmas... and I am gonna be at the airport for almost the entire day ( with no cake) :( :(
However, I wish all of you have a wonderful Christmas :) Have fun!!


  1. hahahahaha...

    now this one although you said would be boring ... it is not...

    i loved the blog and feel that this is the way blogs should be... love you sistu...

    n yesss... dear readers i hated the last blog which was SUPPOSEDLY interesting :P

  2. I couldn't read ur last blog more than one fourth even... itna lamba likhogi to kaun padhega...apply KISSS: Keep it short sweet and simple.

  3. Critics.. critics!! I admit that the last blog was VERY long and boring. I will make sure that all the future blogs are Short, Sweet and Simple!!

  4. Wow!! For the first time in ur life u behaved like a good accepting the things.. (at least for me)!!

  5. :) :) I thought I should be good to all those who had the patience to comment after reading THE 'long and boring' blog ;)

  6. Well on that note i want to tell i hadn't read that. just by having the glance of length of blog i left it... :)


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