Weekend with a Swollen Face!!

While Sanket is attending to his 'Call of Duty', I thought I'll catch up with mine on Facebook, Gmail and Blogspot!!

After an absolutely lazy week, which measured a big 'zero' on the activity scale, the weekend has been pretty good so far. Two movies back to back on Friday night... just the perfect way to start the weekend. While 'Break ke Baad' was pretty entertaining, except for some hosh posh here and there... 'Benny and Babloo' was more like reading a novel. Would have loved to watch Rocky 3 but we failed to beat the Sleepy Beasts within us ;) 

Break Ke Baad: 3.5 out of 5!!

Benny and Babloo: 3 out of 5!!

Woke up with a weird pain! However, the satisfaction of sleeping past 10 a.m., grocery shopping in this festive season, amazing party by Gole family, Bingo-Dumb Charades-Antakshri and great Indian food made me forget all of it. Unfortunately, this pain-free stage did not last long and I went to bed with a swollen face and a lot of pain. :( :(

Airway Lanes Bowling Alley with friends was a great start for this Sunday morning!! My 'Baby Balls' were just not good enough for Strikes but I was happy with Spares and Blowouts ;) Ohh... I did chip off a couple of nails :(
Our Bowling Gang
Sanket & I: Matching-matching... again ;)

Sadly, my swelling is back!! The right side of my face looks like a cantaloupe. I stand before the mirror smiling and watch the left half of my smile reach my ear while the right half looks real grim :( I am not sure what the reason is but I just wish it gets better with the big trip coming up!!


  1. areeee...ye kaise?tumhe yaad hai pune me bhi tumhe 1 baar aise hua tha..i dont remember ki us samay kya reason tha :(

  2. Mujhe to yaad hi nahi tha ;)
    Now that you have mentioned about it toh thoda thoda yaad aa raha hai. As far as I remember, the swelling was on the entire face at that time and there was absolutely no pain. It's only half of the face this time and both, Sanket and I think it's because of Wisdom Tooth.

    How was your party last night?

  3. might be the reason..party was amazing.. :)


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