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I got up in the morning screaming & wailing!! No, not because of bad dreams and there were no bed-bugs either. I woke up to realize that it was Wednesday. Wednesday! The day for Lunar Eclipse and I had missed it. God knows what I was thinking last night to mess up the days of the week.

This is what I missed...

By Robin Sharpee on FOX59

And this....

By Brianna Lea Stuart on FOX59

If you and I are sailing in the same boat, HERE is a link for more pictures!
With this, my countdown to the next Lunar Eclipse begins. Hopefully, I'll have a better watch over the calender next year.


And before we move over to today's party, for which we are already late, please hop over to Smart Indian Women to read my interview with them. Here's an excerpt:
I started the blog as a medium to take my stories, experiences and experiments to people- friends I do not get a chance to interact with very often; and the strangers with whom I share my passion for art, craft, cooking, gardening and more.
A visit to Kreative Korner, would be like an evening with a friend!
Oh, and they have a BIG picture of me posted on their page as a Premium Blogger. You'll very soon see the badge on the side bar that I am gonna proudly sport!


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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my tips for taking young children to Disney World! I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Thanks so much for the feature of my fall tablescape tips!

  3. Thanks so much for featuring our Mending Jeans post!! x

  4. I loooove the Henna, how pretty! I remember buying henna as a kid but we were never that talented at it, LOL, to say the least

    1. I like any design made with henna. I am sure I would have liked what you made as a kid :)


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