Romance, Relationship and being Right

What led to this post: (a) Relationship rollercoaster ride that I have been monitoring in a friend's life from a distance. (b) Series of interesting romantic movies I have seen in the last few weeks. (c) Today being a special day.

What to expect from this post: (a) Some story-telling - will try to keep it interesting  (b) Movie talks - will try to avoid spoilers (c) Gyan - will try to keep it short!


Ours is not an Arranged Marriage and some (I do not know why!) rule it out as being a Love Marriage. Though we did not have to run away to get married, though we did not have to face disagreement from any of our parents, though we did not date each other before telling our families that we wanted to get married (though nobody believes it), yet it's a 'Love Marriage' for us!

7 years back, a girl met a boy on an early monsoon evening in Mumbai. The stage looked all set for them to fall in love, with a cousin who was more than willing to be Cupid in their lives, perfect romantic weather, lot of leisure time and opportunities, yet they did not fall in love. Or may be they did but the realization struck only after a few years.

I met Sanket on this very day, 7 years back. Little did I know back then that the 2 days of casual conversations, of pulling each other's leg, of trying to show off our knowledge and talent, of roaming about on the streets and getting soaked in the rain would lead to a lifetime of companionship!!

SEVEN years back!!

Today, songs like 'Dil cheer ke dekh tera hi naam hoga' and 'Wanna wake up every morning to your sweet face' and all the ones between them, make sense to me! Yes, I am in love.... to the degree of which even I am unaware of.


Aashiqui 2. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Crazy Stupid Love. Raanjhanaa.

My most preferred genre of movies is Romance. I can watch Hum Dil de Chuke Sanam n-number of times. You can put Hum Aapke Hain Kaun on mute and I can still sit through the entire movie because I have memorized the dialogs. Every time Maine Pyar Kiya telecasts on TV, it's watched. You get the idea, right?

Last few weeks have been heavy on movies. Courtesy the man we talked about earlier in this post. From Hotel Rwanda to Planet of the Apes, the range has been wide. And when the list includes nice romantic flicks, nothing like it.

Aashiqui 2


Loss of self control to an extent that you commit suicide is not what I can think of. But loving someone unconditionally makes sense and that is why I liked the move. I mostly walk out of the theatre humming the songs from the movie recently watched and this one was just that. Music that you cannot ignore. Story pretty decent, with an unexpected ending, which did it for me. I like to be surprised. 

Aditya Roy Kapoor looked cute and so did Shraddha Kapoor but they do need some polishing to survive in the industry that is known for it's cut-throat competition.

Source: Like Shraddha's look in this pastel green saree and
the earrings are beautiful.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani


I was not very keen on watching this one but the excitement among my friends after watching YJHD, led me to it. And I am so glad that I watched it. Full on Bollywood masala. Script that has been passed on from generations and is never gonna die. An awesome dress designer. Terrific acting by Ketki, Ranveer, Deepika, in that order. Presence of legends like Farookh Sheikh and Tanvi Azmi. No faaltu characters like dost-ki-maa, dost-k-pati-ki-maa, dost-ki-behan blahh blaahhh!!

My Facebook status after the movie read- " We all knew what the end was gonna be but it's how you reach that end, is what made the movie interesting!" and that pretty much summarizes it.

Not very fond of it's music, though it created waves all around but I definitely, seriously want one of those lehengas that Madhuri Dixit wore in the song "Oh re chhore"


And I really want to know how long did it take the crew to make that pyramid of glasses and if the shot was done in single take!!


Crazy. Stupid. Love.


Why do people in Hollywood not make more of such movies or it's just me who thinks they are only about aliens and weird-looking creatures and wars and blood-sheds and space ships and gadgets.

I did lose interest for some part of the movie but like the cliche, all's well that ends well. All the links and connections and relations and bonds revealed towards the end of the movie got me into it again.

And that girl, Emma Stone! She's doing well! Watched three of her movies in quick succession. I don't find her to be pretty but the ease with which she acts, covers it up.



The trailers were pretty descriptive.  I could guess most parts of the story but the movie still managed to get a big "haawww" from me in the silent theater. Interesting screenplay with awesome acting by Dhanush and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub & Swara, who played the former's best buddies in the movie. Sonam sure was noticed. There's something about the girl that I like. Still trying to figure out the reason, for I know her widely appreciated dressing sense is not what has impressed me to the extent of liking her. May be her feminine elegance... not sure!

The dialogs are superb and will not let you down throughout the stretch of the movie. I cannot stand abuses, neither in person nor on screen but situations and spontaneity of Raanjhanaa made me accept all the foul language. Things did not get better for Abhay Deol and like in Ayesha, his co-stars over-shadowed him in Raanjhanaa as well. 

I know I can face some serious criticism here but I seriously did not like Dhanush's look as a teenager. The clean shaved Dhanush was so not for me. Thank God the phase ended within a few minutes. 


Part Three - Gyan!!

The fact is... there is no being 'Right' in a relationship. 
All that counts is- 'Being Yourself. Being honest.
Wooing gets easy, when pretending comes naturally but unfortunately pretense is always short lived. When the chains of pretense that tie you up break, the cocoon of love busts. 
Cupid's arrow starts hurting you all of  a sudden!!

Was that post too long? No, right? **wink** 
I did not sign any 'get paid for each word' contract. The length just happened :)
Let me know if you could read through  the end! 

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  1. ohhhh so sweeet my PREM PUJARIN !!!!! loved this one ..... Cheers to you and Sanket :):)

  2. Enjoyed going through this one,Tanya.And I loved Aashiqui 2 for three reasons...Music,Aaditya Roy Kapoor and the climax.

    1. Aditya is cute, no doubt! Did you see Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? I liked his acting in YJHD more than in A2.

  3. Hi,
    Read through the end, I have a huge appetite for love, romance and mush.....

    1. Read it!! Wow... so it was not all that long and boring, right? ;)

  4. Yup finally I read till the last word...
    It was a long post divided into 2 intervals:-
    First part is awesome like a real life movie, how hero heroine meets and how then "rise" in the love[ not the same time after some long time) and no drama from the family.
    Second part is normal movies :P [Love story jo real life me kabhi hoti hi nahi hai ]
    And the last one : ‘THE GYAN‘ :- kaha se late ho itna gyan maharaj.. but it is true "Being Yourself. Being honest."

    It is good post for beginner; those are in search of their soul mates 


  5. So sweet .....cute love Bombay rains ..that makes one so romantic...Truly a Mills and Boon kind of love story.Thank you Tanya to visit my page.Hope to see you again and of course me too to drop in...sujatha..:):)

    1. Mills and Boon!! Wow... you could think of MB after reading this. I am honored. Thank you so much :)

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  9. What a touching love story, very intriguing like a real life romance story. Obsession Phrases


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