May Masala

You hav'ta pat my back for posting this while traveling. I am sure to see myself as a sincere blogger after this post. Last day of May and here are the pictures!

Last day of May is not JUST the last day of May for our family. We celebrate this adorable, little cutie pie's First Birthday today! Happy Birthday, Rishan!! Sending all my love and wishes to you.

By now, I am assuming, that ya'll know that my nephews, Aarush and Rishan, along with their parents, visited us last month. With two active kids in house, the five adults always had to be on their toes. Only break, when the duo fell off to sleep, both at the same time :)

Easy and elegant! It took me hardly a minute to make this tag. Yet, I like how it looks. Ribbon and a piece of paper is all that is needed. Quick, isn't it?

Drawing inspiration. Always. Everywhere.

Found this on the interest. Saved to make sure I cover them all. How many can you tick-off from the list?

Random click from meeting room, heavily edited to get this as the final result.

This post does not follow the standard monthly photo log formatting because it's being drafted through the Blogger app for iPhone. Please pardon typos and poor formatting. I promise to fix it all as soon as I get back to my keyboard. **Update- Done!**

Welcome June! Let's see what've you got for us!

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  1. Thanks Tanya..for the blogger app. I hardly get the time to sit on comp so i downloaded the app on ipad so it wil be easy to put down thoughts. you had a fabulous month..we are so looking forward to the june for summer fun.

    1. The app sure helps. Especially when you have pictures on your iPad/iPhone, it's a boon. Most of my month-end posts are composed using the app.
      I find it little hard when it comes to formatting though, otherwise it's nice.

      Have fun exploring :).

      Happy June to you and your family!


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