Women, Multitasking and their Relationship

Celebrating womanhood - One of my sketches

I have always looked up to my mother for her ability to manage all the worlds so well. In the near 50 years of her life, she has been able to set a benchmark not only for her two daughters but many. She was right there when her kids needed her. Stood by her husband. Attentive to her in-laws' calls and a perfect support for her aging parents. She did and continues to do, full justice to her passion for arts and crafts, while making sure that the house looks perfect. The list of items she prepares in her kitchen is ever growing. And this is not it! She grasped the chance to prove her professional skills by heading an educational institute and inspiring thousands of people around her. What's more, she is even adapting to the ever-changing technology :)


The multitasking capability in computers was surely inspired by the life of women. Prioritizing, executing, perfection, passion, none is compromised. On the occasion of Women's Day, I salute all the wonderful ladies around the globe, who are working day-in and day-out to make this world a better place.

Yesterday, in my office mailbox, I had an email from company HR with a link to some counselling sessions and articles. 'Counselling' is for the depressed, is the general notion around here. On a busy day, I would have ignored that mail but since yesterday was comparatively light, I clicked on the link. Worth the read

Sharing some thoughts:


Don't you often leave the bigger piece of the cake for your kid? Isn't the last egg poached for the husband? Haven't the warm bowl of soup been served to the elderly and when you sat with yours it was already cold and lacked taste? Don't you keep the bread from last night for yourself, while serving fresh to all the others on the table? Haven't you skipped breakfast because preparing lunch boxes for everyone took you more time than regular? Ladies, you are important just as the others in the family are! Serve yourself equally. And it's not only about meals! You need rest and sleep just as everyone else does. You need your happy hours too. Once in a while, catch up on your favorite movie and hang out with your friends, not his.

Let yourself loose. It's OK to be at fault at times. The speck of dust that you are worrying about will probably go unnoticed by the guest. Your nail paint need not match your dress every day. The dinner table can do without that extra dish being served. You need not be super-good at all the things at the same time.

Work with your spouse on splitting the household jobs between both of you. Remember, not to overlook the things that he is already taking care of. There are dimensions of which I have never had to think about because my husband takes care of it so gracefully and silently.


Notes help, be it on a piece of paper or your hand-held gadget. Make lists. Jot down the grocery list and keep the to-do list handy. Do not over-load your brain with things that technology can help you with.
Suggestion: Try Cozi, an app for smartphones. Works for me us!

We all want to be perfect wives, super-moms, get promotions at work and be best dressed for parties. The fact is you cannot put it all in one bag, at the same time. Too much too do and only 24 hours! The universal wish of 'more hours in a day' will not be granted, girls. Make the best of what is at hand. Look around. Decide what needs you and what you need the most. Work accordingly.

Now this is something that I need to do myself. I do not like to ask others for help. I'd rather do things myself than get it done by others. I feel awkward to even give instructions to my maid. Need to change this. Had it not been for my mother-in-law and husband's insistence, I would have been doing half of what my domestic help does now. Which means, I would have had no time to write this post (and more!).

There are several ways of doing the same thing. Choose the option that saves your time and energy. Eating out once in a while does not harm. Trusting others with the kids is just fine. A tip for kitchen, cook the chopped vegetables in microwave for a couple of minutes before adding them to the pan on flame. Saves the overall cooking time. Keep your list handy when out for grocery shopping. Teach your kids to take care of their little things. At work, be cautious of people who might be using you to get their work done. Happens all the time, isn't it ;)

When we talk of multitasking women, I'd rather see us all cheerful and smiling while managing our worlds than be grumpy. Choose your life!


And before I leave to attend to my call of multitasking for the weekend, there is something that I need to share. When I talk about all that mom has achieved, one man that needs special mention is Dad. The support he has extended to mom is remarkable. The duo form a perfect team that has made our lives beautiful. Truly said, a family is how the relation between the members is! Sanket and I are working together, everyday to put together a happy life for us. Wish us luck!

To all the men reading this, extend your support to the women in your life. A woman is what her man makes her believe she is!


  1. love that i stop by here. very well written.

    1. Thanks Kitchen Queen :)
      Hope to see you often!

  2. Tanya...you have written so wonderfully...I need to implement many of your points in my life specially no 1 ,2 and 6 :)

    As far as for comments I approve them, so I get email notifications so I have started replying that instead of putting my reply in comment section.

    1. 6, asking for help, is my action point as well. For 1, I believe every Mom can relate to it. Putting your child before yourself gives mothers immense pleasure :)

      Thanks for the 'reply over email' suggestion. As you can see, I am following that as well as including it on the blog page to keep it consolidated.

  3. You've made some wonderful points!


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