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Did you know 'Swabhimaan' was directed by Mahesh Bhatt and written by Shobha De? Well, I did not, unless I read it on the latter's blog earlier today. This also reminds me of another very popular TV show of yesteryears 'Shanti', were the lead character was played by a very confident and charming - Mandira Bedi.

I know I have had quite a few female-oriented posts in the recent past ( part of growing up, I guess) but this one is not. Except that I wanted to share a very beautifully crafted article by none other than Shobha De. I know, it would not be easy for some of you to connect to the post because of the wide difference in our lifestyle and culture but this just might be your window to the life in India. Happy reading!

Year after tiresome year, women the world over believe the 8th of March is ‘their day’. That some sort of miracle will take place and hey presto! It will be a beautiful world for women. This past year has been particularly awful for us. From Malala in Pakistan, to Nirbhaya in India, defenceless, innocent women were used for target practice…. used, abused, raped, beaten and murdered in cold blood. And yet, isn’t it amazing that women can still find it within themselves to smile and carry on? Take our Sunila. She is twenty and pregnant. She may or may not be married. But she refers to someone as ‘mera pati’ (translation: 'my husband'). She is part of the Bai Brigade (Domestic helps) of Mumbai. The hard working, incredibly resourceful women who toil in tony homes and go back to their men late in the evening, to continue toiling and slaving some more. Her mother works in the same complex and guess what ? She is also pregnant. Click to read more.

Just in case you decided to come back from a pro's page to this naive blogger's, I have a few pictures to share from my garden.

Not a big fan of Bougainvillea but who wouldn't like a low maintenance plant that
adds colors to the garden.

 Succulent love!

We give weeds an equal chance and get cute flowers in return :)

Then there are these babies, of which I have no idea. Waiting eagerly for them to grow and hoping that they don't turn out to be just weeds!

There is hardly a garden without a touch of yellow! Right?

Looks like I'll soon have some organic coriander (cilantro) seeds.

No idea what this is but the tiny seeds with only a spec of black look interesting!

And when you fall short of pots and planters... make one!! 
Converted a pet bottle into a planter by cutting off the top and drilling a few hole at the bottom to drain out excess water. Home for mint leaves, now.

Winters is usually a good time for plants in India. Somehow this was not the story of my garden. The plants dried and died, god knows why! But I am sure we'll have a blooming garden during the spring :)

Winter wears have been shed and would soon be packed and done with for the year. I'll miss my scarves but not as much as I am happy to get rid of woolens.

Have a happy, blooming, colorful and cheerful spring y'all!

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  1. Tanya..I like to read on naive bloggers page...fresh ideas..lovely flowers and I love how you have turned bottle in to planter...

  2. thanks for your post! I LOOOOVE Bouganvillias! Maybe something to do with living in Africa and seeing that beautiful splash of color when everything else was brown :)
    Now that I'm in Canada, I find I really miss the flowers from Africa!!

    1. I have to agree with you on how Bougainvillea adds color all around. It is the perfect season for Bougainvillea here in India and the trees are loaded with flowers. A pretty sight, it is!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. What a Lovely colorful post, just amazing.. I like the idea of the water bottle in which you are growing mint i guess.. so wonderful :)

    1. Yes, that is mint! Thanks for all the beautiful words :)

  4. Lovely post and beautiful colourful garden you have there. Love the plastic planter with the huge bunch of mint.

    1. Thanks Vandana :) I plan to add more of such planters in the garden.

  5. That mint planter is pretty cool! I had seen it on one of the DIY posts somewhere on the web, but never thought of doing it! An extension to dahi ke dabbe but much better looking ones! How does it not roll though...does it stand straight all the time?

    1. Such ideas come when you are short of proper resources. I initially thought of chopping off the top of the bottle but since mint needs more area to grow this was the best way to do that. As for the stability, the bottle's placed on a brick that holds it.

  6. The naive bloggers page seems to be far more interesting... :) Love the bottle idea... Ive been meaning to try that too.. but have simply been very lazy off late.. Will get back to track and post some sensible posts.. :)

    Hope you are doing well otherwise.. Where have you been Tanya..??

  7. Hahaha... all your posts make perfect sense to us! Loved the recent one where you showcased your brother's skills. And the Weekly Stories party is the string that keeps us all together.

    I am doing good. Juggling between work, home and creative calls :) Hope you had a nice Easter and the weather in your country is not yet hot enough to keep you indoors.

  8. the post is so colorful.... I too love gardening... but haven't posted any of mine.... i love the bottle mint.... will definitely try planting one.... and thanks for visiting my blog

    1. Hope you try that soon and share the pictures with us :)
      All the best!


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