The Monochromatic Challenge

Did you hop over to AquaSeventy6 to check out the features for the Floral Challenge? No! Click here. If you did, you'd know that they featured all the three dresses I showed you here and also the theme for this week's challenge - MONOCHROMATIC!! 

If last week was fun, this week was really challenging. This explains why I came up with only one outfit! Anybody who knows me personally, would know it as a matter of fact that half of the clothes in my closet are Black! I have absolutely no idea about when and how that happened but it's true. Every time I go to stores, I pick up 'black' - for gifts too *grin*

An All-Black Outfit for the Monochromatic Challenge would have not been difficult but since I have been trying to avoid am avoiding black these days, I thought of adding a touch of gray to it. The top I am wearing is just as gray as my nail paint or visa-versa! 

Again a $0 investment. 
All the items are straight out of closet. 
Bubble Top and Shrug from India.
Skirt from Forever 21
Boots from Kohl's 
Neck piece is a gift from Mom.

I would love to see how you all take up the Monochromatic Challenge. Join the girls at Fabulously Frugal Fall Fashion Challenge. Click here or on the button below to get redirected to the information page.


Hope to see you there :)

P.S.- I just updated my settings. I did not realize earlier that 'Word Verification' was ON for my blog. I quickly turned it OFF. I hate to type in a (meaningless) string of characters before I can actually post a comment on my favorite posts. With the latest addition of 'sigma-s' and 'pi-s', the time I spend on refreshing and reentering, I would have easily spent on commenting on some other blog. I am really sorry because I made you hit those extra keys especially when I hate it myself. My blog is now 'comment-friendly' :) so please drop in some!!


  1. Hey tanya, your blog is not new to me but I didn't explore it as throughly as today...and and now I have to follow you to be updated with the latest...Keep in touch :)

    -take care

  2. great outfit Tanya..I love necklace though I think I dont have guts to wear big chunky jewelry.


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