My Teeny Tiny Garden

My Mother-in-Law not only loves gardening but she is also an expert at it. The day I got to know about her visit to Michigan, I decided then and there that I am gonna use her experience to build up a tiny garden in whatever little space I have. The weather was just perfect and the flowers in my neighbors balconies/patios tempted me to have a few of my own. Very soon we got a bag full of potting soil, a few seeds and some Petunias. What we did not buy were pots to plants the seeds in... and you'll soon know why!!

Day 1: June 08, 2011

Petunias- Petunias everywhere!!

The seeds have been sown and the countdown begins!

The Little Cucumber Plant
These pictures were taken more than a month back. Latest photos to be shared soon :)

P.S. - With this post, I have a new label created - 'Garden-Greens'!

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  1. Many applauds and appreciation to you for this...

  2. shows your mother-in-law's creativity. credit goes to you too for takig care of these plants. these flowers were in kuwait too till march.

    very good...keep it up.

  3. they are so pretty and so many! :)

  4. Mom, Petunias were in Kuwait till March and they started blooming here in April, this shows how different our weather conditions are at a given point of time.
    Happy to know that you liked it.. hope the other flowers bloom soon, so that I can share the pics.

  5. Thanks, Sonam :)
    My balcony has been reduced by half because of these plants but I am enjoying it :) How is your garden growing?


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