I AM...

f you ask Sanket, blogging is all that I do these days. In fact, if you look at my posts you'd agree. I cannot deny either! This is my 8th post of the month, which surpasses the count for the month of May. Now you must be wondering- Does it take an entire day to post such short blogs! The answer is 'no'. 

I agree that I can spend a little less time  in drafting the posts than I usually do but what keeps me in blogland for hours is not my posts. It is the other wonderful articles that I read. I have a long list of people whom I follow, which in turn leads me to new blogs and new ideas. On my list, I have Techies, Stay-At-Home-Moms, Friends, DIYers and people like me who write just because they want to :) 

While wandering in blogland, I came across The "I am..." Blog Series by Anne of Hello Newman's and I thought I should give it a try. I read this post about a week back and since then the two words 'I AM" have been hovering around me. Every one loves to believe that they know themselves in and out. I did the same. However, when it came to summing it all up, I was lost. I really had to think hard before I came up with this.

I AM in love with my family and feel blessed to be loved equally.
I AM happy with the way life has shaped up so far.
I AM dangerously covetous when it comes to all that I want in future.
I AM thrifty to the extent that I carefully inspect everything before throwing it away :D
I AM pretty good at multi-tasking. 
I AM living a cell-phone free life. (Yes, cell-phone-less people do exist!! )
I AM blogging actively these days and I sincerely hope that I continue to do so ;)
I AM glad to have friends like all of you, who appreciate all my efforts.

I AM... 

Give 'I AM' a try!! You don't need to blog about it, or share it with others. It's just for you. 
And just in case you intend to share, do let me know. I'll be happy to learn more about you :)


Before I sign off, I'd like to share some news. Emreen of Liven Things Up is hosting a giveway to celebrate her Blog's First Anniversary. Read the instructions to enter, here.

Mailbox Moments is having a giveway as well. A beautiful Fossil Wallet. You can enter the giveway here.

Also, I'd like to thank Tanvi of The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous for promptly responding to my query of how she tied her belt. Tanvi, you did a great job with that vlog and hey, I loved your neck piece :) Wanna know what I am talking about? Click here.

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  1. ‎"I Am " was an absolute delight to read n der was nthing new dat i didnt knw n 4 cellphne less life i cn totally understnd...coz i m also one of those...n i believe "Iam me. In all the wrld there is no on else exactly like me "..n luv d way u r just b d same ..coz perfectionist need nt change ....glad to knw U

  2. Love this list :) and as always, I appreciate your sweet comments!!

  3. Hey! I love this 'I AM' series. I might give it a try too! :) Thanks for sharing. I for one LOVE your collage here.

    Also, you are welcome. I was not very 'video' friendly ... but always happy to help out. I am glad it helped. Share a pic when you wear try it for yourself :)

    Keep Bloggin!!!

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  4. just found your blog
    love it!

    Check out my new post.: Lost sommer
    Would love to have you as a follower.

  5. Hi Tanya, Thanks a lot for posting about the giveaway and for the lovely comments... Have a great week ahead !!

  6. You have a fun blog -I am your newest Follower!
    Just popped over from {twenty}something. :)

  7. I AM in awe with your blog, interesting & enlightening. Tonight I will sit down and ponder on who I AM. http://decoratingwcents.blogspot.com/


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