Lucky Housewife!!

When I resigned from my job, I believed that the break won't last long and I decided to enjoy it to the fullest. However, 'the' break got extended and it continues till date but the good thing is- I am loving it and I believe that I-Am-A-Lucky-Housewife :)
  • I can sleep unless my back starts hurting and the Sun begins to peep in through the window.
  • I can comment on my friends' Facebook walls, activities and photographs round the clock.
  • I can experiment in my kitchen without having to wait for weekends.
  • I can receive my Mom's call anytime of the day and talk to her for hours.
  • I can play with colors and canvas whenever I feel like.
  • I can sit back on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and watch TV.
  • I can go out with friends for Lunch Parties and spend some quality time on harmless gossip.
  • I can surf the Internet and jump from one site to another.
  • I can watch the entire cricket match without having to switch between my work screen and or running to the cafeteria to catch a glimpse of my favorite player.
  • I can plan how to make out the most of the limited resources to celebrate the festivals with full vigor. 
  • I can watch Dora and Caillou with my Toddler Friends.
  • I can finish reading big-fat novels in a week.
  • I can go through My Pictures a zillion times before actually uploading pics.
  • I can write blogs to share my stories with all of you rather than Single-Line-Tweets ;)
O-ooo.. don't get me wrong!! In spite of the easy life, I intend to go back to work. I want to be sandwiched between 'Work' and 'Home' and see how both of us manage the two worlds. 

For now... it's not all that bad to be unemployed ;)

Signing off...
A-Lucky-Housewife :)


  1. :) Congos for being one lucky housewife..
    Such contended and happy housewives are very rare to find.

    U make me feel jealous :P

  2. Don't feel jealous, girl... I know you are happy being on the other side of the hedge :)

    We have finally come to the point in our lives where the paths are different... you being the 'Smart Working Woman' and me being the 'Lucky Housewife'. We both know that we can change places whenever we want... and that's the beauty of it :)

  3. yes true... :)
    Things are good when it comes by wish..and we have selected the paths for us.

    It's great being on the other side of the hedge coz through you i can feel what being a lucky house wife feels like..Sharing experiences is great fun..


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