Super September

The title for this post could have very well been 'Slow September' but that would have been unjust!! There are no two ways about the fact that I was a happy girl on the morning of October 1, only because September had ended and the doors to the last quarter of the year had opened but I could not get myself to have a boring title for the post. After all, September had it's own goods and that is exactly what we'll talk about here :-)

You saw the August cards here! I made some in September as well.
Here's just a sneak-peek. Will share the pics as soon as all the cards reach their recipients. 

Sanket has been very cautiously attending to professional calls lately.
The goodness can not be over-looked but not having him around is not easy.
But like they say- 'Kuch paane k liye kuch khona padta hai.'
(Translation: No pain, no gain)
However, both of us have been progressing well in our designated roles and that's the joy of it
**Touchwood. Evil, you better stay off our way. We are in no mood to mess around.**

We have finally decided to part ways with this black beauty.
After hitting the roads in  Pune during courtship and 
facing the severe weather conditions of Delhi (together), 
it's time now to call it quits. 
Aaahh... parting never comes easy!! 

Chandni Chowk & me!! 
The visit to India's biggest wholesale market has been planned and re-planned and then cancelled a dozen times now. This picture is from the day that I finally boarded the metro to Chandni Chowk inspite of the heavy rains in Gurgaon but the showers followed me all the way to Chandni Chowk!!
The moment I set foot on the streets that had stores with the prettiest Indian wears, down came the rain. Needless to say, I had to come back without being able to shop. 
No window shopping either :-(

We are family of technology enthusiasts. Each of us owns one or the other Apple products and still waits for the arrivals of new gadgets. When Apple recently launched their two new iphones- 5S & 5C, it left a lot of it's fans disappointed. The ones who already own an iPhone found nothing new in the latest models. But... does Apple need to worry about that? 
No!! According to the market updates, iPhone 5S is being sold in 6-figures and the supposedly 'cheaper' version is not very far behind. The 'C' in 5C is definitely not for 'cheap', friends!!

Between all this, we celebrated a few birthdays in September... Sister-in-Law's, Dad's & Mother-in-Law's. While the first two were in different countries and all that could be done was to wish them on phone, we did celebrate my MIL's b'day!

Talking about birthdays, it's my Mother's birthday today :-)
And as I write this post, I'd like to wish her a wonderful day today, a very happy year ahead and an amazing life to come. Love you, mommy!


  1. Your slow september indeed had fun moments.. I wish you will be able to go chandni chowk soon..I hv never been there. I m totally opposite to tech savvy at all :)

    1. Oh yes.... I did go to Chandni Chowk again and again :D and was able to do some shopping as well. It was fun!!
      How have you been, Nayana?


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