Lootera- A Break To Awesomeness

From the post here, you know that I have had a wonderful experience with movies in the last few days. Every movie watched, exceeded expectations. It left me thinking about all the good work being done in the industry. The graph of awesomeness was on the rise... and then Lootera happened!

Weeks back when I saw the trailer of Lootera, I exclaimed with joy- 'I want to watch this movie!' It was evident from the very start that Lootera would take the viewers back in time and would not be a regular Bollywood masala. After spending a little more than 2 hours on the movie, I'd say it was a little too off-beat for me.

Do not get me wrong. I have nothing against pure drama or slow pace of movies. I am one among those very few who liked Sanjay Leela Bansali's 'Saawaariyaa'. 

I think I'll put it all on personal liking disliking. 

Sonakshi is just not 'my' kinda heroine!! She acted pretty well in the second half and did justice to what the role demanded but the character of a chirpy girl in the first half was so not her. The giggles did not suit her. The fleshy arms appeared to be shouting out for some air through those utterly tight silk blouses. And she did not look young anyhow.


I am no big fan of Ranveer's looks. So, no take aways there. From fashion perspective, there was nothing to look out for. The sarees adorned by Sonakshi were OK. The gold jewelry was too periodic to attract my attention. The sets did not look 'pretty'. I am sure the houses of rich Indian zamindaar's had better interiors than what was seen in the movie.


Goods, on my finger tips: One, liked the car that Sonakshi drove. Two, make-up, which was very apt. Three, the shade of pink used for Sonakshi's engagement saree. Four, aalpana, for which I strained my eyes to make sure I did not miss any. Five, the scene where Ranveer pulls out the bullet from his body- makes you feel the pain. Six, Vikrant Massey, who played Ranveer's friend in the movie. Seven, the last half an hour just before intermission.

Points to reconsider: One, the only people seen in Dalhousie were the cops and the main actors. No localite. No extras. Not even a single head to count. Two, can somebody actually trust a leave for the number of days they'd live! An indigestible concept!

Lootera was a nice break from all the superb movies I have watched in the last few days and I don't mind it. Just the way you need break from boredom, a break from awesomeness is also helpful **wink**.

My Rating: 2.5/5


  1. Ohhh..I hv been reading nothing but a praise for Lootera. Good to know others respective. Anyhoo..I hv hardly watched few movies since my son born ;)

    1. Hey.. got a chance to watch Lootera? Would love to know your views on the movie.

  2. Good review ,Tanya!i resd similar things about the movie so did not watch it.I am not a great movie buff and only go for one when my hubby is around which is only 60 days in a year.

    1. Hope you got a chance to catch up on Bollywood front. How are you doing?


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